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  • 08 Sep 2014

Labelexpo Americas 2014 exhibitor preview: D-F

Durst will show for the first time a Tau 330 UV-inkjet digital press

Labels & Labeling previews exhibitors at Labelexpo Americas 2014, with those companies falling into the D-F alphabetical group detailed below.

Daco Solutions | Dantex | Davis-Standard | Delta Industrial Services | Dienes Corporation | Domino | Dover Flexo Electronics | DPR | DuPont | Durst | Eckart America Corporation | EFI | Electromatic Equipment Company | Electro Optic US | Epson America | Erhardt+Leimer | Esko | ETI Converting Equipment | FFEI | Fives North America | Flexo Concepts | Flexomaid | Flint Group | Franklin Adhesives & Polymers | Fujifilm North America

Daco Solutions

Daco Solutions exhibits the PLD350 rotary die cutter with semi- automatic turret rewinder with a production speed of 150m/min (492ft/min) and job storage.


DantexRBCoxr, a subsidiary of Dantex and supplier of digital and analog letterpress, flexo and UV flexo water wash plates and processing equipment, is to exhibit at Labelexpo Americas 2014.

This will coincide with the launch of the Mk 1.5. Digiwash system. This new addition to the Dantex Digiwash range has a vastly upgraded design, high-quality build and 21st century technology. It is the first equipment of its kind to use an intelligent touchscreen interface. The DigiWash also has a dual action wash, which gives far superior cleaning results.

Also new is the AQFC plate cleaning system, an addition to the Dantex range of specially designed equipment for cleaning letterpress and flexo plates after printing. Plates are automatically transported into the processor by soft-touch transfer rollers. The equipment’s sequential action includes cleaning by brush action, rinsing and drying. It also incorporates recycling and filtration of waste solution for optimum economy.

Also on show will be the Aquaflex plate range, which is created from a unique formula of NBR rubber and graft polymerized, plasticized, bi-functional monomers.


New from coating specialist Davis-Standard is the Curtain Slide Coater, which applies a single layer coating at 2,800 fpm with expansion capabilities up to two additional layers. A new five-roll silicone coater is capable of applying 100 percent Silicone at 2,400 fpm. This coater is constructed of stainless steel for ease of cleanup and includes a mist removal system.

Davis-Standard is able to support over 50 liquid coating methods including gravure, rod, slot die, reverse roll, smooth roll transfer and more.

Delta Industrial Services

Delta Industrial Services demonstrates its latest flexEDGE laser system, a portable unit which combines a laser cutting system with on-board chilling, ventilation and controls. The module is 
designed to take the place of a die station and is compatible with a rotary converting or digital print finishing system. It can also be used as a standalone sheetfed system for process setup or R&D.

Also on display is a Spectrum Finishing System featuring Delta’s recently released embossing and hot foil stamping module. This now allows die-cut and emboss and/or hot foil stamp in one pass of the machine.

Dienes Corporation

Dienes Corporation introduces the newest member of its Quick Set automatic knife positioning family, the Quick Set 0.5.

The Quick Set 0.5 has Dienes Corporation’s latest patent-pending positioning system, allowing simultaneous repositioning of hundreds of 0.5in knife sets in seconds, according to the company.

Quick Set systems can maintain the slitting action when relocating knife sets. The system uses servo motors and camera vision system output signals to change knife cut location on-the-fly. This capability prevents scrapping of production rolls due to print or folding crease line changes. Edge guiding or other devices with output signals can be utilized the same way. Operator controlled location change capability can also be provided.


Domino shows for the first time a 7-color version of its N610i UV-inkjet digital press.

The press is specified to print in up to seven colors including opaque white, imaging at 600 x 600dpi at speeds up to 246ft/min (75m/min).

The press incorporates all the N610i’s existing intelligent technology (i-Tech) features, including ActiFlow continuous ink circulation, CleanCap automated cleaning and capping system, and StitchLink automated print head calibration system.

Dover Flexo Electronics

Dover Flexo Electronics announces the release of the EasyWeb open-loop torque controller to maintain tension on narrow web presses and label finishing lines. The EasyWeb controller works based on a diameter calculator signal and can be a lower-cost alternative to the highly precise transducer-based tension controllers for applications that require less web tension precision.

Unlike DFE’s tension controllers that take an input signal from tension transducers (load cells), the EasyWeb maintains tension by controlling motor or brake torque based on the calculated variation of roll diameter as a roll is wound or unwound. An inertia compensation parameter is provided to obtain greater control of web tension during changes in line speed.

The EasyWeb Torque Controller can accept input signals from a direct diameter sensor or can calculate diameter using line and roll speed signals. In addition, an automated option is available to alert machine operators to the moment that a roll’s unwind or rewind is nearing completion. An automatic shutoff feature can be enabled to shut the machine off when the core is reached at unwind or when full roll is reached at the rewind.


DPR shows its new digital label finishing system, the Scorpio Plus, an ‘all-in-one’ unit that laminates, digitally contour cuts, removes waste, slits and rewinds. The Scorpio Plus is targeted especially at systems like Memjet or toner-driven bench top systems.


DuPont Packaging Graphics introduces the new DuPont Cyrel FAST DFUV flexographic printing plate. Cyrel DFUV is a thermal process plate designed specifically for shorter print runs using UV inks on high priced stock where minimizing the startup waste is essential.  Cyrel DFUV is said to come up to color ‘almost immediately’ and is designed for very fine screens. 

This new plate joins DuPont’s Cyrel FAST thermal workflow system.


Durst will show for the first time a Tau 330 UV-inkjet digital press with High-Definition Print Mode and inline Spartanics 1000W laser finishing. Durst will also introduce its new low migration/low odor Inks suitable for primary food packaging.

The Tau 330 features a 14” web with full 13” image area and prints at speeds up to 157ft/min in 7 colors. The Tau’s standard color configuration CMYK can be upgraded with optional high opacity White and two additional process colors, Violet and Orange, to increase pantone-matching accuracy.

Eckart America Corporation

Eckart America Corporation introduces its new line of RotoStar metallic LED-UV inks and Rotostar UV shrink sleeve gold ink, both designed for the narrow web and mid-web markets.

With RotoStar UV-LED inks, printers with LED capabilities can now incorporate metallic inks as part of their product offerings. Eckart’s RotoStar UV Shrink Gold ink is based on a true bronze pigment that allows for cleaner, more vibrant metallic gold effects that maintain its brilliance after the film shrinking process. It will print on PVC, Pet-G and OPS shrink substrates.


EFI launches in the US the Jetrion 4950LX LED press, which brings higher resolution, faster throughput and full LED curing to the Jetrion 4900 product line. The press includes an enhanced varnish/lamination module and a high-power laser cutter available in single-head (500W) or dual-head (1000W) configuration.

EFI’s booth will also feature the new version 15.1 of EFI Radius ERP software. This enhanced version of the packaging MIs/ERP product now includes a new mobile CRM module; improved scheduling with EFI’s world-class PrintFlow plant optimization software; web-based, EFI SmartLinc multi-carrier shipping features; and an EFI Radius customer web portal for web-to-print ordering.

Electromatic Equipment Company

Electromatic Equipment Company demonstrates Check•Line’s new LS-LED fixed-mount, linear stroboscopes. Three models (LS-5-LED, LS-9-LED and LS-18-LED) can be used singly or combined to accommodate virtually any web width. A complete line of hand-held and fixed-mounted Xenon and LED Strobes are also available.

Electro Optic US

Electro Optic demonstrates its newly developed Digital Die, which ‘addresses all essential requirements for the digital environment’. The Digital die is designed to perform equally on film and paper face material, eliminating the need to order different dies. Optimum integration of each semi-rotary/ digital die cutting machine’s specific information allows the company to streamline its manufacturing process for the shortest possible delivery time.

Electro Flexible will perform live demonstrations repairing damaged flexible dies with the Electro Optic Die Repair Tool.

The company also shows its feature Flexible Die solutions for the Global MDO face materials on thin gauge liner applications in addition to its standard three basic grades of flexible dies.

Epson America

Epson will announce upgrades to the SurePress L-4033A/AW water-base digital label press, including a clear sensor that will allow for printing on a clear substrate with a clear liner, as well as improved variable data printing processing for maximum label customization.

Epson will also show for the first time in the US its new SurePress L-6034VW digital press, the company’s first single-pass industrial press. The machine uses Epson’s new PrecisionCore linehead technology and is the first of the company’s digital presses to use Epson’s new LED-cured UV ink with in-line digital varnish technology.

The press will be available in two models – CMYK with digital varnish and high-opacity White ink (SurePress L-6034VW) and without white ink (SurePress L-6034V).

Epson has incorporated sophisticated automatic monitoring, maintenance and cleaning features within the SurePress L-6034VW. Nozzle State Analysis technology automatically senses if a nozzle is not firing and rapidly cleans and recovers it, which minimizes downtime, ink waste and ensures reliable and continuous printing.

Epson America also launches its new ColorWorks bench top label printer, which also comes equipped with Epson’s PrecisionCore print chip technology.


Erhardt+Leimer introduces its new Nyscan Web:Inspector 100% print inspection system with a completely redesigned interface, which will now be common across the company’s vision product range.

Features include touch screen compatibility, sizable windows, and flexible screen resolution.


Esko launches Suite 14, an update of the company’s collection of preproduction software tools for packaging production. Key functions include: intelligent wizards to guide the operator through expert processes; improved workflow automation, with tickets routing designs automatically to a press-ready printing plate; and Smart templates linking objects to secure and approved content in a database.

ETI Converting Equipment

ETI aunches its Mini-Cohesio laminate manufacturing system. With a footprint of less than 25 feet, this takes up half the space of the full Cohesio, with 30 percent shorter web path, fast cantilever set-up and all the latest in-line coating technologies. The 13" (330mm) wide machine is equipped with ETI’s Pellicut technology allowing to die-cutting of labels on 18 micron polyester film up to a speed of 750 ft/min (225 m/min

Demonstrates will feature a reverse gravure pre-printed beer label being silicone coated and adhesive coated, as well as die-cut, without die marks on the liner, on an 18 micron PET liner being converted in one manufacturing process from raw material to finished product at a speed of up to 500 fpm (150 m/min.).


FFEI announces significant enhancements to its hybrid digital UV inkjet press, Graphium. Along with partner Fujifilm, FFEI demonstrates Graphium’s new over white capability, claimed to ‘dramatically increase’ the potential opacity when used with the Graphium under white. 

Additional enhancements include the capability to support substrates of 40-600um allowing the thinnest liners to heavy duty vinyl to be used, and the ability to print to an ISO 12647-2:2204 standard. 

This new Graphium configuration will be demonstrated for the first time, including pre- and post- digital flexo stations, a cold foiling station and die cutter.

Fives North American

Fives shows its new H6421 web guide controller, which combines a touch pad with a robust pulse width modulated drive in one compact package.  The web guide controller operates on a 24 VDC power supply within an IP55 rated water and dust resistant housing.  Used in conjunction with SimPlexT sensors and actuators, the web guide controller provides web position control for edge guide, center guide, or line following applications.  The H6421’s small size – 4” W x 4” H x 4.25” D – enables maximum flexibility in installation and keyboard lockout capability minimizes inadvertent adjustments. 

Flexo Concepts

Flexo Concepts launches in the US its TruPoint Orange polymer doctor blade, which is now being shipped by several major press OEMs with new installations.

The company’s ‘MicroTip’ technology along with advanced metering, gives printers an alternative to steel doctor blades with the added benefits of longer blade life and safety, says the manufacturer. ‘The polymer blade has also been successful at eliminating UV ink spitting and anilox roll scoring.


Flexomaid shows a one-minute quality control test which allows printers to check their anilox rolls are clean. Also demonstrates new anilox cleaning equipment.

Flint Group

Flint expands its EkoCure UV-LED product range to include metallic inks, UV shrink whites, UV rotary screen inks, EkoCure Ivory and Ebony, plus a wide range of coatings and adhesives.

For flexible packaging converters the company showcases new water-based film inks and low migration technologies. Flint also introduces new ranges of rotary screen inks, including CombiWhite X2, designed especially for combination printing.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers launches Covinax 234-01 pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that stays transparent, peels smoothly and re-adheres – multiple times – with no adhesive build-up on the surface.

The new Covinax PSA coats on clear and remains so when exposed to UV and moisture, says Franklin, and offers excellent adhesion even to low-surface-energy (LSE) materials.

Because it offers high resistance to low temperatures and water-whitening, this durable PSA is ideal for use in cold, wet environments, such as a freezer or on the inside of a window. It also is compliant to FDA 21 CFR 175.105, for food packaging. Its ability

Fujifilm North America

Fujifilm launches Clarity water-washable flexo plates with an imaging resolution of 200 lpi at 4,400 dpi, with 1 percent process dot structure.