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  • 21 Sep 2015

Labelexpo Europe 2015 new products preview - conventional presses

Orthotec launches the SRFD3030 finishing line for wine labels, incorporating a silkscreen printing unit, hot stamping and die-cutting stations

As part of L&L's comprehensive preview of new products to be seen at Labelexpo Europe 2015, here the magazine highlights new conventional presses that will be seen at the show.

The full preview can be read in L&L issue 4, 2015, and online here, while you can read more about the following technologies on the L&L website: digital presses; inks, curing and drying; materials, adhesives and coatings; MIS and pre-press; finishing; ancillaries; inspection; linerless and package printing.


Launches two new press lines, the M4 press (430mm width) and M6 press (670mm width), a UV flexo mid-web press dedicated to the flexible packaging market. Both presses showcase the manufacturer’s digital automation program in the print cylinder configuration of the M4 and in the print sleeve configuration for the M6. Live exchange of multiple jobs with less than 10 meters of substrate waste and 1 minute of set-up time will be performed. An integral part of Bobst’s stand is the Revo project for 7-color extended gamut technology. Revo plates will be produced for both presses through the show. The Revo team introduces the concept of Non-Stop Digital Flexo with the aim to achieve up to 95 percent press up-time. To achieve this objective on the new M6, Bobst’s automatic turret un-winder and rewinder will be shown. On both M4 and M6 presses the company’s ‘Excellence’ technology will allow for fully automated job exchange on-the-fly without stopping the press. Bobst also unveils a new set of technologies and procedures for UV flexo printing on flexible packaging for food applications.


Codimag will show for the first time its Viva 340 Evolution press, a reel-to-reel version of the Viva 340 Aniflo press. It runs with fixed inks in 4C or 6C expended gamut to avoid wash-ups and leaves converting features to an off-line finishing system. Codimag says Aniflo predictability and the new CodiReg fully automatic register system make the Viva 340 Evolution ‘a real alternative to digital’. Visitors are invited to bring their own jobs to print in live demos. The Viva 340 Aniflo will be shown for the first time in combination with new finishing features: a flatbed hot foil embossing combo unit and an in-line inkjet unit to print digital relief varnish.

Focus Label Machinery

Launches Proflex SE servo-driven, modular press with print widths of 250mm and 330mm with multiple drying options including full UV, LED, IR, or combination systems with optional chill rolls. The open architecture design of the print stations enables easy loading of ink cartridges and print cylinders, while interchangeable print cartridges can be partially or fully unloaded and exchanged to maximize productivity. Bearer rings are incorporated into the print cylinder assembly to maintain accurate print impression regardless of substrate. Full color or single color digital inkjet can be added for short run and variable data requirements, and options include automatic print register control and rail mounting of units including turnbar, delam/relam, cold foil, laminating, waste rewind turret and scanner systems. Heavy duty, servo-driven die-cutting units with removable anvils are provided for converting a range of substrates from film to 250gsm board.


The Gallus RCS is being revamped, with a state-of-the-art control platform and a new UV drying solution for varnishing. An ECS 340 press completes the press line-up. Also demonstrated is the Gallus Screeny A-Line and the new self-adhesive Twinlock-Sleeve, which has a permanently adhesive surface allowing plates to be continually changed without the need for double-sided adhesive tape. The polyurethane foam construction maintains its compressibility over the life of the sleeve.


KPG introduces the Euroflex 400 Combined Press, for printing both labels and casing. Using a single temperature controlled impression drum, up to eight colors can be printed on both sides of a casing web, or on labels. The press is available in web widths of 260, 400 and 520mm and in single and twin drum configurations. The press can additionally feature varnishing, overlaminating, in-line coating and extra units for printing white on both sides of film and casings, as well as rotary screen, digital printing and foiling modules.


Introduces a Syncroline 430 8-color press with the new Easy Waste System, which maintains tension even when labels have irregular shapes, allowing higher production speeds to be maintained. Also new is the Grafikontrol 100 percent inspection and longitudinal/cross register system.

Mark Andy

Launches the new Performance Series P4 servo-driven entry-level press, ‘offering the Performance Series productivity while supporting traditional style tooling’. Mark Andy says the press features automated controls, advanced tension control, remote diagnostics and job save and recall at an ‘extremely affordable’ investment level. The Performance Series P4 will be fitted with Mark Andy’s ProLED UV LED curing system and Quick Change Die-Cut (QCDC) technology. Also on the Mark Andy stand will be the Performance Series P7 in-line flexo press featuring live demonstrations of extended gamut printing. The press will be fitted with the latest servo controlled waste rewind. The company shows its online parts catalogue and retrofit/rebuild program which rolls out in Europe later this year.

Miyakoshi Printing Machinery

Introduces the MWL semi-rotary UV waterless offset press, which consists of only five rollers per offset unit. The press comes in two variants – 350mm and 420mm wide with respective print widths of 330mm and 406mm and common repeat range of 127-355.6mm. Maximum running speed is 200 impressions a minute, with 300 as an option. Substrate range is 70-300 micron. Miyakoshi has also developed a new MLP press variant with higher production speeds. The type H has a maximum print repeat length of 406.4mm and maximum running speed of 121m/min. The press is positioned as a higher quality alternative to flexo. Optional units include screen and hot foil stamping, usable for both MLP and MWL presses. Miyakoshi and one of its distributers in Europe, OMC Sae, have jointly established a local subsidiary company in Spain, Miyakoshi Europe SL.


Unveils the new generation EF flexo press, EF Neo, at Labelexpo Europe on stand 11C20. The company will also show the new hybrid EF Symjet for conventional and digital printing and the EB narrow web label press.

Built with the standard EF platform, the new EF Neo flexo press features new software with close loop print pressure setting options and an improved operator interface. The next generation iControl, a new operator interface menu including restyled buttons and icons, and a larger touch screen control panel is said to simplify press navigation and control. Bert van den Brink, technical director of MPS commented; ‘This press re-design reflects MPS’s focus on the operator. Regardless of their skill level, our user-friendly press technology enables them to maximize productivity and deliver the best printing results.’


Launches two new presses. The iFlex is an entry-level machine dedicated to PS label conversion, incorporating Omet’s new iLight pre-register system and automated iVision register control using cameras placed on each press unit for immediate register correction. Secondly, the new XFlex X6 combination flexo/offset press, shown printing both film labels – IML, shrink and wraparound – and flexible packaging. A third press on stage is the JetPlus inkjet unit configured in-line on an XFlex X6 press.


Orthotec introduces the CFT3536 intermittent offset press and CSL3030 intermittent letterpress, which uses Bosch Shaftless Technology.


Confirmed so far is the first appearance of a semi-rotary Brava 350 press with five offset and two flexo modules plus flat embossing in line, flatbed silkscreen in line (a new development) and other finishing units including hot stamping with foil saver. A semi-rotary cold foil unit can also be added. Rotatek celebrates its 45th anniversary at the show.

Weifang Donghang

Launches the DHF20420-6 flexo press dedicated to PS labels and with die-cutting, delam/relam unit, removable turnbar, cold foil unit and waste removal. Additionally, screen printing unit and gravure can be added. The press has a maximum web width of 430mm and printing width of 420mm with a 190-635mm repeat. Maximum print speed is 200m/min with drying any combination of hot air/IR/UV. The press features 27in chill impression cylinder, while the plate cylinder is supported by double cams to allow stable 175 LPI high-register printing. The press is designed for rapid changeover, and the doctor blade is designed to automatically regulate pressure.


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