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  • 21 Sep 2015

Labelexpo Europe 2015 new products preview - MIS and pre-press

Chili Publish will shows Publisher online editor which can be integrated into any label or packaging workflow and now includes a 3D viewing capability, at Labelexpo Europe 2015

As part of L&L's comprehensive preview of new products to be seen at Labelexpo Europe 2015, here the magazine highlights new MIS and pre-press tools that will be seen at the show.

The full preview can be read in L&L issue 4, 2015, and online here, while you can read more about the following technologies on the L&L website: digital presses; conventional presses; inks, curing and drying; materials, adhesives and coatings; ancillaries; finishing; inspection; linerless and package printing.

Applied Laser

The Meridian Nano is a new type of laser engraving machine targeted at R&D applications and everyday production of print rollers for flexo, gravure, letterpress, inking and applicator rollers, as well as embossing and imprinting for printed electronics. The Meridian Nano laser can provide traditional thermal engravings and operate with nanosecond laser pulses. As a result, a broad range of materials can be engraved with this single laser including metals, ceramics, elastomeric and black lacquers. The maximum roller length of 600mm and a weight limit of 50kg provide a means for an optimal cost effective design.

Carl Ostermann

Carl Ostermann shows its Pass-Werk plate mounter, which automatically applies flexo printing plates with a tolerance of under +/- 0.03mm within less than 90 seconds.


Cerm is showcasing the latest update in its Cerm MIS software for narrow web label and flexible packaging printers. Some of the main changes include a smart Quick Quote module available in the backoffice and on the online portal, new tools for estimating tenders and extended estimating features for flexible packaging printers. The digital shopfront Web4Labels has been updated with new functionalities for online estimating, online editing of SKU's and online ordering. Further enhanced automation features with a no-click-workflow from web ordering straight onto the digital press. Cerm also unveils new software links to industry suppliers such as Heidelberg, Gallus, Esko, HP Indigo, Xeikon, Screen, AVT, Chili Publish, AB Graphic and others.

Cheshire Anilox Technology

Cheshire presents a new engraving system called UniFlo developed for UV ink applications. It features a continuous cell structure that has 50 percent less land area than 60 degree or elongated 75 degree hexagonal engravings. This offers a more efficient and finer ink distribution to the plate, says Cheshire, and improves ink flow within the anilox, minimizing ink stress or the turbulence that occurs at the point of transfer. This reduces ink foaming. Cheshire says beta sites are reporting an average doubling of color densities compared to conventional engravings, with uniformity of coverage, reduction of pin holing and smooth and cleaner vignettes ‘perfectly fading out to zero’ other reported benefits. Higher ink transfer efficiency from anilox to plate allows lower pressure setting for more consistent quality, critical when adopting fixed palette or HD flexographic techniques. UniFlo also sees the eradication of UV spitting, says the manufacturer. The continuous engraving improves the ink flow within the anilox eliminating the build-up of ink behind the doctor blade which forces it to lift and cause the ink spray or spitting. UniFlo is compatible with all print applications from heavy solids to four color process.

Chili Publish

Chili Publish shows its Publisher online editor which can be integrated into any label or packaging workflow and now includes a 3D viewing capability showing how the label will look on the shelf. Design and editing features include Alternate Layouts, which allows for a single set of design elements to be reused in different layouts, so designers are able to create and offer a wider number of versions and generate more specific, targeted campaigns. The 3D view gives also gives users the ability to see a real-world view of the impact of text changes before the label or package goes into production, resulting in shorter approval and review cycles.


Extends its offset CtP products into flexography with a preview of a new flexo CTP device. With many of the features of its sister offset products – which now total over 2,000 machines sold – the FX-36 Flexo has a resolution range from 3,200 to 9600 DPI. The pneumatic plate handling system is designed to feed the thicker flexo plates (up to 4mm). The imaging unit uses a linear magnetic drive and the imaging head incorporates water cooling.

DuPont Packaging Graphics

Launches the Cyrel Fast DFUV flexographic printing plate, optimized for improved solid ink density when used with UV-curable inks. Cyrel DFUV is a thermal process plate specifically designed for shorter print runs using UV inks on high priced labelstock – including PS labels and shrink films – where minimizing start-up waste is essential. Cyrel DFUV comes up to color ‘almost immediately’ and is designed for very fine screens, says DuPont. DuPont will also introduced Cyrel Easy Plate Technology, a new platform that simplifies the pre-press process by building the flat top digital dot directly into the plate. For both Fast thermal and solvent platemaking systems, removing the flat top dot processing step and its associated cost increases efficiency and consistency, says DuPont.


The latest release of Esko Software Suite enables software editors like Studio and DeskPack to be used in subscription mode in monthly or yearly programs. The increasing demand for hosted applications is supported with the availability of WebCenter as a fully hosted system. This is part of the latest 14.1 release of Esko’s Software Suite, which is unveiled at the show. Also on the stand are the latest CDI images and Full HD Flexo demonstrations.

Felix Böttcher

Has developed DLE rubber embossing compounds which enable the use of direct laser engraving for the imaging of embossing forms, claimed faster and cheaper than metal embossing forms. This new technology is particularly suitable for the production of design prototypes or for promotional jobs. Böttcher also launches pure rubber print sleeves, available with hardness between 50 to 80 Shore A, and lightweight carrier sleeves for elastomer and photopolymer flexo printing plates, available in various thicknesses.


Launches in Europe the Flenex FW water-washable flexo plate. Flenex FW is a photopolymer plate containing a special rubber-based compound that is not oxygen sensitive, minimizing the effect oxygen has on the dot shape. As a result, Flenex exhibits reduced dot gain and better ink transfer, says the company. The plate delivers long runs, while producing a consistent 200 LPI at 4,400 DPI, 1 percent flat top process dots. Improved durability and reduction in plate swell are claimed. Flenex FW reduces platemaking processing times to less than 40 minutes.

GTI Graphic Technology

Introduces the Soft View SOFV-1xiQ soft proofing system which automates luminance matching between color monitors and the SOFV 1xiQ viewing station, allowing accurate color comparisons between hard copy prints and computer monitors. The system includes a viewing station and wireless iQ sensor, which intelligently and automatically matches the luminance level of the viewing station to that of the monitor, meeting ISO 3664:2009 D50 light quality standards.

Guangzhou Amsky Technology

Offers for the first time in Europe its digital platemaking system for the flexo market. The Amsky Aura 800 and 1500 series use dynamic autofocus and load balancing to ensure quality and stability of plate output. A newly designed vacuum system for the external drum holds the polymer plate on the drum surface without the need to put a mask on the non-plate area of vacuum holes. The Aura platemaking system comes in resolutions of 2,400 DPI, 3,000 DPI or 4,000 DPI. Amsky has formed a strategic partner with Beijing Founder and Arden to offer an integrated software ecosystem including design, prepress workflow and Ripware.

IGT Testing Systems

Displays the new IGT Simply Gravure printability tester for gravure inks. The low cost device is intended for the small print shop making only a few drawdowns per day or per week in conformance with ISO 2834-2. The Simply Gravure can also be used to apply varnish on an existing printed color sample or next to the printing press for a final check of the color strength of the gravure inks.

Just Normlicht

Introduces Just daylight 6500 proIndustry fluorescent lamp. The fluorescent lamp specially designed for Just Normlicht complies with strict specifications in accordance with ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2 as well as ASTM D1729 for standardized color matching. The new electronic control panel for viewing booths offers a log of color matching parameters, remote-app for remote control using a smartphone or tablet PC, mixed light, programmable light sequences, hour meter and light source dimming.

Label Traxx

Introduces v7.2 of the established MIS, including estimate and order magnetic tools with RotoMetrics through Label Traxx; enhanced ink pricing for HP Indigo WS6800 and white plus inks to handle ‘can’ charges; automatic loading of active folders into Esko Automation Engine; quoting in-line priming. Label Traxx can now pass digital ‘lead-in’ and ‘lead-out’ specifications to Automation Engine and these can be automatically printed at the beginning and end of a job

Systems Service & Consult

Phoenix imposition/planning software v5 will be launched, allowing packaging and label converters to automate multi-sheet ganging for both square-cut and irregular shaped work. Phoenix employs sophisticated ganging tools to automatically generate layouts in minutes and allows printers to use the same job information for their planning and cost estimation department. From import of product orders, the system automatically generates the cheapest layout, places the necessary marks and exports a print or cut ready PDF, JDF, CFF2 or Postscript file.


Launches the SpectroJet scan-spectrophotometer, able to scan up to a length of two meters with a speed of up to 40cm/sec, applying the new measuring conditions M0 to M3 according to ISO 13655. The LED-based instrument is a quick tool for test-chart evaluation and needs just two minutes to produce an ECI 2002 test chart. It can be also used on customized print control strips for individual quality control. Different software modules like print curve, colorimetric quality control, proof check and testchart analysis are included. For ink-key control on offset presses, the Windows-based Expresso system is shown.

Introduces roll visualization as part of the MIS. This helps simplify the registration, tracking and logistic labeling of finished and semi-finished products based on single rolls, batches and pallets. Production terminals can be configured with hardware optimized for special functions such as touch-screens or portable forklift terminals. In conjunction with electronic machine counters, the software enables automatic recording of production times and quantities, and identification and tracking of material usage and the quantities of material as well as the rolls and batches used. This can be used for traceability and logistics labeling in accordance with GS1. Additionally, the online estimation module of C3 for labels and flexible packaging can now be integrated into an existing website as a ‘widget’. This is ideal for converters looking to set up a web-to-print operation. Estimation can be the beginning of a fully automated end-to-end workflow with C3, or can be operated separately, as an initial step.

Troika Systems

Launches the Advanced Gravure Scope, which automatically measures and records cell size and structure so accurate data can be recorded for QC and cylinder inventory purposes.


New plate processor uses high output LED technology to expose the front and back of the plate simultaneously. Key features include flat top dots with fast exposure; adjustable UVA output and transfer speed; a 48-channel memory for plate dimensions; and controlled cooling of plates and LEDs. It is capable of handling plates up to 1320mm x 2030mm (52in x 80in) and plate thickness up to 7mm.  Currently available as a standalone unit, it will be subsequently integrated into the full Vianord ‘Easy-to-Plate’ line.


Demonstrates V2.6 of ColorCert X-Rite Edition, the cloud-based standards-compliant and specifications management technology for the easy exchange of color data in real time among brand owners, printers and packaging converters.


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