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  • 01 Oct 2015

Linerless Trail draws followers at Labelexpo Europe 2015

Maan Engineering has used Labelexpo Europe 2015 to show its Inlinerless moduleThe Bostik stand at Labelexpo Europe 2015

The Linerless Trail held at Labelexpo Europe 2015 has drawn strong interest from attendees at the show, with the companies featured reporting a high level of interest as attendees 'follow' the trail.

The Linerless Trail is a collective of industry partners involved in linerless production, including MPS, Maan Engineering, Appvion, Henkel and Bostik, who are working together to promote the benefits of linerless labels.

Maan Engineering has used Labelexpo Europe 2015 to show its Inlinerless module, which has generated strong interest and leads for the company. The Inlinerless module is designed to make it possible for label printers to produce high quality linerless labels in an efficient way using existing equipment. Maan Engineering’s Inlinerless module has been developed to apply a silicone or hotmelt coating to paper or foil in a single process, so allowing the easy production of linerless label material. The Inlinerless module has been developed as an upgrade to existing printing machinery, but can also be used as a standalone system by fitting unwinder/rewinder positions.

When configured for in-line use, printed material is not reeled but fed through to the Inlinerless module, where it is coated with a top (silicone) and back (hotmelt) coating. After this process, the converted material is fed back over the machine to be reeled at the existing printing line.

Appvion, another member of the Linerless Trail, has introduced its Résiste LE, a top-coated direct thermal label paper designed with high sensitivity, heat stability and excellent environmental resistance. Résiste LE maintains a white appearance longer in hot environments, while preserving barcode image stability. Bostik's presence includes THL 4300 E, an adhesive formulated specifically for linerless label applications with high tack credentials for cardboard an HDPE and adhesion properties that allow coating weights to be reduced. Deep freeze and non-staining adhesives are also part of Bostik’s presence at Labelexpo Europe 2015.

Each company on the Linerless Trail has marked its participation in the trail with green balloons on its stand. The location of the participants is detailed below:

MPS – 11C20

Maan Engineering – 11F32

Appvion – 6A21

Henkel/Novamelt – 6D35

Bostik – 6E52

Sato – 11F32/6A21

Evonik – 11D31

Ravenwood Packaging – 6C45

Ricoh Industries – 6C28

David Pittman


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