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  • 08 Oct 2015

Max Speciality Films invests in expansion

Max Speciality Films team at their stand during Labelexpo Europe 2015

Max Speciality Films is expanding its production capacity with an extrusion coating line of annual capacity of 3,000 tons which is expected to be commissioned by May 2016.

The plant in Ropar industrial area near Chandigarh in India already houses four lines each of BOPP and metallizers and three thermal coating lines.
Sanjeev Yadav, head of product, application and business development at Max Speciality Films, said: ‘The extrusion coating line will cater to the needs of lamination films for graphic industry.’ The company is also venturing into speciality thermal lamination films for graphic industry by launching 10 products worldwide by the end of October. 
By the end of 2015, the company is looking at launching solid white coated films for pressure-sensitive labels, one side acrylic and one side poly vinyl di-chloride (PVDC) coated films, and one-side acrylic and one-side low temperature seal (LTS) films. 
A first time exhibitor at Labelexpo Europe, Max Speciality Films launched specialty films for pressure-sensitive labels industry at the 2015 show. New products included: one side coated, double side coated, one side gloss and one side matt cavitated films in the range of 60 to 65 micron; and solid white film, transparent and metallized films in 50 micron each. The company also launched acrylic coated films – one and double side – for packaging applications. Thermal lamination and high barrier films, matte films, uncoated films for pressure-sensitive labels and high seal integrity films were also on display on its stand. 
Yadav said that the products received a great response from Brussels, Germany, China, Vietnam, India, Americas, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Croatia, Malaysia, France and Finland. 
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