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  • 14 Mar 2017

Association launched in India

The new label association, ALPS, hosted a networking event in Delhi to announce its launch

Association of Label Printers and Suppliers (ALPS) has launched in India, hosting a networking event in Delhi to introduce itself.

The new association claims to have 160 members from the label industry.

Gururaj Ballarwad from Signode India has been appointed as the first ALPS president. Other members in the managing committee include: Ajay Aggarwal, CEO of Syndicate Labels, who has been announced as vice president; Arunesh Bansal, partner at Dynamic Labels & Packaging, as secretary; and Ashish Gupta from Rational Business Corporation as treasurer.

Explaining the ideology behind ALPS, Aggarwal said that members in this association wanted all stake holders to have equal rights. ‘We want to bring a professional approach for successful implementation of our objectives,’ he said.

In his welcome speech, Ballarwad said that the association was formed in December and has had three meetings already in Delhi, Chennai and Benagluru. The next meeting is scheduled for Hyderabad in March. ‘The association will organize regular regional seminars at small scale. We will form sub-committees that will focus on their respective roles to better address the issues faced by the members,’ said Ballarwad.

Aggarwal added that active engagement with the government is critical to ensure members not only get incentives and subsidies but are also able to seek funding for testing, funding centers and other MSME (micro, small and medium enterprises) benefits. ‘We will address important subjects such as the affect of implementing GST (Goods and Service Tax) on the labeling industry, and correct ways to apply for government tenders, pilot projects for disposal of liners, amongst others,’ Aggarwal commented.

In his presentation, Aggarwal said that the association aims to engage with law firms to help members solve any issue through dialogue. ‘These lawyers will give advice on nominal fee basis.’

Outlining the objective and purpose of the association, Aggarwal stated that ALPS will focus on bringing in best practices, certification and implementation of global technologies, and disseminating knowledge on all labeling technologies.

The event concluded with the launch of the association’s new website,


Aakriti Agarwal is India and Southeast Asia editor for Labels & Labeling.

Aakriti has been India editor for a number of years, and editor of the online newsletter, Label News India.

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