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  • 22 Feb 2013

Pure Labels brand earns Fair Trade recognition

Pure Labels – a sustainable label substrate manufactured by the Distant Village group - has received recognition from the Fair Trade Federation as the first PSA label material produced with fair trade paper facestock.

The fair trade product category is worth more than five billion USD, and growing at more than 20 percent annually. The Pure Labels brand is aligned to help the promotion of fair trade products such as coffee, chocolate and textiles.

Pure Labels are manufactured by Distant Village, Inc. using the company’s exclusive fair trade facestock made of their trademark wildgrass and hemp blend of paper.
‘Pure Labels is a global category leader in sustainable packaging. It is the only PSA label which is 100 percent recycle compatible, natural, and fair trade,’ stated Rich Cohen, president. ‘Label printers are the real winners because they finally have a sustainable solution which also performs like a champ with practically any printing technology.’

Currently the company is completing development of the next generation of sustainable labels, including a 100 percent ‘compost-friendly’ PSA label and a wet-strength artisan PSA label targeted toward the wine and spirits segment.

Since Distant Village’s founding in 2000, the company has earned international recognition and awards as a leading innovator and pioneer in sustainable packaging and adhesive labels.

‘We have an unwavering commitment to triple bottom line sustainable business practices,’ says Rich Cohen. ‘From start to finish, every product manufactured by Distant Village has a full-circle view of sustainability in mind, including natural plant materials, Fair Trade, and socially responsible. Distant Village is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.’

The Fair Trade Federation is the trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade. The Federation is part of the global fair trade movement, building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.