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  • 09 Dec 2016

Sovelto and Magic Add demonstrate combination of AR and QR to the benefit of consumers

Sovelto and Magic Add, two Finnish companies working within the Internet of Things ecosystem, have successfully demonstrated that wearable augmented reality (AR) devices can scan optically readable unique codes from products in the wearer’s environment, potentially streamlining the shopping experience for consumers.

Sovelto used HoloLens, a wearable AR device from Microsoft, to scan unique and dynamic QR codes, which were generated by Magic Add using Blockchain technology for code authentication and data security.

The two companies said, in the near-term, this can enable users to access product information, such as origin, nutrition, expiration date and recycling information. In the future, as wearable AR devices become more common and brands build services around this emerging technology, consumers can use AR to change the way they shop. This could include suggesting routes through a store based on the user’s shopping list and allowing users to buy products directly by scanning the package. This use of AR could also make buying Christmas presents much easier by pulling data from the shared profiles of friends and family to find suitable gifts.

Once users are at home, AR can then suggest recipes based on what food items wearers have in their kitchens. Users can add products to their shopping lists, or reorder items just by reading the unique codes on the packaging.

This technology will save time spent shopping, save money by showing where to get the best deals, and improve the customer experience both inside and outside of the store.

‘Unique codes and AR have the potential to truly streamline the shopping experience,’ commented Magic Add CEO Samuli Manninen.


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