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  • 05 Mar 2010

Sun Chemical opens plant in Germany

Sun Chemical has opened a manufacturing plant in Frankfurt, Germany, to serve the food package printing market.

The plant was built using clean room and HACCP directives to ensure that the 'best possible standards' are adopted in manufacturing of Sun Chemical inks, says the company. Representing an investment of 4 million euros, the new facility is dedicated to production of sheetfed packaging inks.

The facility features two new blending stations: one for low migration inks; the other, which is housed in a separate building to avoid cross-contamination, is used for conventional inks. 

To ensure the purity of the inks manufactured at the Frankfurt facility, all raw materials are hand-inspected to make sure they contain no contaminants and have low odor as required by European food regulations. Additionally, quality control officers are on-site to check product quality at all times.

‘Food package printers are facing tremendous challenges today,’ said Rudi Lenz, CEO of Sun Chemical. ‘In addition to cost pressures and stiff competition, they also face demanding sustainability requirements and some of the strictest ink migration standards on the market. Our customers rely on us to provide them with solutions that help them meet those challenges. That’s why Sun Chemical’s investment in the Frankfurt plant shows our commitment to providing excellence for our customers and the food package printing industry. The new high-tech manufacturing equipment will ensure that our customers receive quality inks they can rely on without worry.’ 

The Frankfurt plant’s centrally located position in Germany allows for fast dispatch of products across Europe, ensuring delivery to ‘key markets’ within two days, says the company. 

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