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  • 21 Feb 2014

Toshiba forms European inkjet technology center

Toshiba TEC Inkjet Business Group working with IACS

Toshiba TEC Inkjet Business Group is working with IACS to form the European Toshiba TEC Inkjet Technology Centre as part of an effort to ‘accelerate the awareness, visibility and adoption of Toshiba TEC inkjet head technology in Europe’.

Toshiba TEC's drop‐on‐demand piezo‐electronic inkjet heads are designed for a wide range of industrial applications, including those that use high viscosity fluids carrying large, heavy specific gravity particles.

IACS, Industrial Inkjet Integration and Consultancy Services, was founded in 2008 by Erwin Kempeneers. The IACS Industrial Inkjet Technology Centre is located near Ghent, Belgium, and offers a range of services to customers throughout Europe, including design and integration advice, product demonstrations, system and ink testing.

Kempeneers lead the team that developed the world’s first industrial, single‐pass, UV‐curing, digital inkjet printing press. He said: ‘Having worked with most brands of industrial inkjet heads, it’s clear to me that Toshiba TEC Inkjet heads are the most reliable, high performance inkjet heads worldwide. They deliver excellent print quality and consistency using a wide range of inks and virtually any industrial substrate.’

Mr Zushi, senior manager of the Inkjet Business Group sales department at Toshiba TEC, said: ‘The Toshiba TEC Inkjet Business Group is rapidly expanding its inkjet heads business in Europe. Mr Kempeneers’ highly‐valued experience in industrial inkjet technology will certainly reduce our customers’ product development time and risk, ensuring a highly efficient outcome for them. IACS will undoubtedly accelerate the awareness, visibility and adoption of Toshiba TEC inkjet head technology in Europe.’