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  • 10 Aug 2017

Uflex Holography expands manufacturing in Jammu

G P Pathak, vice president of operations at Uflex (left) by the holography products manufactured by the business

Uflex’s Holography business will inaugurate a 72,000 sq ft plant in Jammu by end of 2017, its seventh manufacturing facility dedicated to holography in India.

The plant will be equipped with specialized machinery from Europe and the US to meet the requirements of labels and packaging industry.

Uflex's holographic business has grown more than 400 percent to 600 crore INR in the last four years and is expected to grow faster in the future.

On the expansion, G P Pathak, vice president of operations at Uflex, said: ‘Counterfeiting is a global menace that virtually impacts every industry. The products we offer to industry are imbibed with technologies which protect the brand, revenue and probable hazards to human lives. These products have enabled fast growth and thus the need for expansion.’

Technologies offered by Uflex include fresnel lens, hidden text, sterling lens and unigram, amongst others. ‘Our holographic products not only secure the products but also increase the robustness of the package together with shelf appeal,’ Pathak said.

Citing an example of an automobile company, Pathak explained: ‘If the company succeeds only in protecting car filters from counterfeiting, it will earn more money than what it is currently earning from the total spare parts business.’

‘Customers are now more knowledgeable and protective about their brand equity. They are more receptive to anti counterfeiting products,’ he concluded.