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  • 13 May 2020

3DAG introduces SmartPack digital security labels

3DAG introduces SmartPack digital security labels

3DAG has launched SmartPack, digital holographic tamper-proof security labels with smart, serialized QR codes, to provide a customizable and comprehensive product digitalization technology that can be implemented in just a few days.

The global Covid-19 pandemic forces many businesses adapt to new reality by rethinking current partnerships, supply and distribution chain, and consumer engagement strategies. 3DAG partnered with Switzerland-based Scantrust to develop the new connected digital platform that enables active brand protection, supply chain awareness and consumer engagement as well as physical brand and product protection.

‘We want to empower all brands, small or large, to easily implement unit-level brand protection and product digitalization,’ said Oliver Kay, director of sales and business development at 3DAG. ‘Through our partnership with Scantrust, we can provide a quick, but a comprehensive digitalization technology. You can benefit from features such as product authentication, gray market monitoring, product recall functionality, sales channel activation, intelligent end-user engagement features such as warranty registration, product returns, product recalls, user instructions, promotions and cross selling, while at the same time getting invaluable business intelligence with up-to-date scan and demographics data – all with a few easy steps and in a few days.’

Customers can choose from pre-designed holographic stock layouts - 3DAG Etimogram which then can be further customized with a brand logo or a short text. The company has also implemented a secure order and onboarding process to set up the specific digital content for the SmartPack labels on the platform. Each order from the 3DAG website will be verified by the customer support team to ensure only legitimate companies and authorized personnel can order new security labels.

Martina Müller, CEO of 3DAG, commented: ‘Digitalization doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to implement. Nor does it have to be expensive. We created the SmartPack digital security labels together with our partner Scantrust. You can now be up and running with unit-level product digitalization and take advantage of all the benefits in less than a week and for a fraction of what a solution of this kind usually costs.’

‘Our product digitalization platform and analytics dashboard are already being used by global Fortune 500 clients in several major markets,’ added Nathan Anderson, CEO of Scantrust. ‘Through our partnership with 3DAG we are now able to empower smaller companies to take advantage of those same functionalities including active brand protection with the SmartPack.’


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