Anti-counterfeit system from CIS

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Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. (CIS) has introduced a new anti-counterfeit system for product tracking and authentification, in conjunction with Adhesives Research, Inc.

ARmark Covert Markers are a new tool to aid in supply chain control, product surety and risk mitigation for industries faced with global counterfeiting. The covert markers, which can be combined with custom-developed delivery systems, offer infinite possibilities for unique coding (shapes, numbers, patterns, text, bar codes, logos), and they are designed to be nearly impossible to replicate or reverse engineer.

Markers can be made available in food and pharmaceutical grade forms, and they can even be customized with forensic (DNA-type tagging) levels of coding. ARmark Covert Markers withstand a variety of environmental factors and they are easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes.

The markers are tracked and verified using micro-imaging and customizable software programs. Products can be verified ‘from the inside-out’ (e.g. within the product, on the product, on the packaging, etc.)