Appvion develops sustainable coatings

A next-generation direct thermal coating technology for label facestocks free of phenolic developers

Appvion has introduced its new, sustainable, patent-pending Next Generation Technology direct thermal coating free of phenolic developers including BPA, BPS, and other phenols.  

Next Generational Technology coating creates heat-stable, legible, dark images on paper and film labels, tickets, tags, and point-of-sale applications while complying with environmental regulations and corporate sustainability initiatives. 

Appvion CEO, Paul Charapata, said: ‘We all care about the safety of the products that we engage with every day, and the introduction of Next Generation Technology demonstrates Appvion’s commitment to creating a sustainable, healthy future for our teammates, customers, and family members.’  

Appvion is coordinating with its customers to convert its entire product portfolio to sustainable, Next-Generation Technology over the next year. The following direct thermal paper face stocks are currently coated with the new chemistry – Résiste 185 – a top-coated, direct thermal facestock that is resistant to oil, heat, and room temperature plasticizers used in short-term weigh scale, retail, and logistic label applications. Résiste 15 percent PCW - a recycled, top-coated paper label facestock that includes at least 15 percent post consumer waste and performs like a virgin fiber product. Résiste Rx – a durable top-coated, direct thermal paper label facestock engineered for pharmacy prescription labels. Wavex PD – a heat-stable, durable top-coated paper facestock designed for package delivery labels that are scanned with near-infrared scanners up to 670 nm.  

‘Appvion is building on our incredible 115-year history with our latest innovation. I am extremely proud of our innovative team for developing Next Generation Technology that delivers enhanced performance and sustainability. The best direct thermal product in the world is now even better,’ Charapata added.  

Appvion’s direct thermal papers and films are used worldwide in pressure-sensitive labels, linerless labels, tickets, and tags within retail, grocery, warehousing, e-commerce, and gaming applications.