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  • 03 Sep 2008

AWT upgrades Tornado ink mixer and color blender

Chicago-based manufacturer AWT World Trade has made several improvements to its Tornado ink mixer and color blender. Among them are the availability of double grippers, blade height adjustability and a new heavy-duty model for high-torque applications.

In response to a changing marketplace and the increasing use of tapered containers, a set of three double grippers can now be added to the Tornado for a more secure grip to reduce slipping and mishandling. Another improvement is the adjustable blade height which enables more thorough mixing than before. Rather than mixing with spinning blades, the Tornado rotates the container while the specially designed blade blends the ink collected on the sides and bottom of the container. This ensures complete mixing of inks and coatings without splashing or creating air bubbles, regardless of their viscosity. For extra-thick coatings or applications requiring a high-torque rate, AWT has a new, heavy-duty 22O V model with a larger motor and greater drive capacity.

The Tornado comes standard with 1-gallon and 5-gallon mixing blades that simply drop into place and are easily adjusted for correct mixing height. Changeovers require no tools and the unit’s self-centering clamping device quickly locks containers onto the turntable in their proper position.

Ideal for color matching as well as blending bases and modifiers the Tornado’s upfront solid-state DC controls combine easy access with reliable operation. Mixing direction is reversed with the flip of a switch and the variable speed control allows customized blending for an extremely smooth, ready-to-use product.