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  • 26 Feb 2021

C&A launches two new coatings

C&A introduces Corban and Deter BT product ranges

Coatings & Adhesives Corporation (C&A) has launched Corban, an anti-microbial product developed for a wide range of label and packaging materials, and Deter BT, a bitter-tasting coating product.

‘The development of the Corban AM anti-microbial coating technology will add significant value and functionality to customers and brand owners,’ commented Steve Burleson, business manager label products, coatings, and adhesives sales and market segment at C&A. ‘We are committed to keeping customers at the forefront of technology and consumer demand, through the development of new products, such as the Corban anti-microbial UV LED and WB coating line.’

C&A has also released Deter BT, a bitter-tasting coating line for labels and consumer packaging that imparts a bitter taste to coated products to deter children from chewing or eating print and packaging components.

According to Burleson, the development of the Deter BT, a bitter-tasting coating line for labels and consumer packaging, offers value for customers and brand owners looking to enhance product safety.


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