Codpad partners with Xaar for its new coding and marking machines

China-based Codpad is using both the Xaar Irix 40 picolitre and 80 picolitre variants to design for a wide range of coding applications

China-based inkjet coding and marking machine maker, Codpad, has developed a high-resolution UV inkjet coding machine, incorporating the Xaar Irix printhead.

The new machine is designed for a wide range of coding applications including printing on metal, plastic, cartons, wood, aluminium foil, and films and supports different subdrop volumes for versatility by using both the Xaar Irix 40 picolitre and 80 picolitre variants.

Offering simple and effective installation and maintenance, the machine’s built-in recirculation and ink supply temperature control, enable consistent performance in dynamic environments. In addition, the machine offers multi-level UV curing for superior adhesion on products with more challenging print requirements.

The print quality, user-friendliness, and reliability of the Xaar Irix printhead made it the ideal choice for Codpad. Individually lasered nozzles and Xaar’s AcuDrp technology ensure uniform print quality even at long print distances. In addition, its drop placement and factory calibration provide consistent printing even during extended print runs. These features, together with its compact design, makes the Xaar Irix a cost-effective option for coding and marking applications.

As a subsidiary of the Docod Precision Group, Codpad boasts over two decades of expertise in the coding and marking industry. It specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, construction materials and hardware.

The launch of its latest machine, with Xaar’s printhead technology, enables Codpad to provide printers in the industrial coding and marking sector.  

Xie Ruzhou, general manager of Codpad, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: ‘We are happy to partner with Xaar and this partnership enables us to open new possibilities in the market.

‘The integration of the Xaar Irix into our high-resolution UV inkjet coding machines will elevate our product performance and market competitiveness and we are very confident that our latest product launch will offer our customers the superior coding solutions required to meet their evolving needs.’

Samuel Tam, general manager of Xaar Asia, added: 'We are extremely excited about our collaboration with Codpad. The Xaar Irix is a leading printhead in the coding and marking industry and delivers exceptional print performance and reliability for our customers. We look forward to working together to jointly explore new market opportunities and provide end-users with the latest in high-quality coding and marking solutions.’