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  • 23 Apr 2012

Complete Inspection Systems aids brand protection

Complete Inspection Systems has introduced an advanced 2D barcode for absolute product identification and brand protection, without internet look-up or adding cost to the manufacturing process.

The HD Barcode is incorporated into printed materials such as cartons, labels or containers and allows the product to be instantly and securely from anywhere in the world. It holds up to 703k of secure, encrypted information and can be custom configured to provide each manufacturer a unique private version of the code.

Additional security features – which can be added to the normal printing process – include a separate code generator program, which is sequestered from the readers, ensuring that it can never be reproduced. The code can also contain data about other covert features and their locations on the materials.

Complete Inspection Systems also provides Android or iOS Smartphone apps that can read the code and provide conclusive data in the form of images and secure ePedigree information, that would reveal diversion or detect wholesale copying of the packaging. In addition to brand protection, the entire insert or directions can be printed using the HD Barcode.