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  • 21 Sep 2018

FlexFilms launches FlexmetProtect F-HBP-M

FlexmetProtect F-HBP-M is a metallized high barrier BOPET film intended as a replacement for aluminum foil

FlexFilms, the global film manufacturing arm of Uflex, has developed a new state-of-the-art BOPET film, FlexmetProtect F-HBP-M, offering high barrier characteristics for packaging applications.

FlexmetProtect F-HBP-M is a metallized high barrier BOPET film intended as a replacement for aluminum foil. It offers a high barrier to gas, moisture and oxygen barrier. FlexFilms identified these characteristics as making FlexmetProtect F-HBP-M useful in products that require aroma management like packaging of coffee and others like medicines, snacks, dried meats and nuts. Gas barrier makes it useful in shipping moisture sensitive items in multi-layered pouches.

High barrier characteristics come from patented BOPET film technology, with high optical density specifically suitable for most flexible pack product applications. The film is 100 percent web inspected using FlexFilms’ advanced web metallized surface inspection system.

It has been developed in the US and is EU and FDA approved.

Dr Steven J. Sargeant, general manager, technology at FlexFilms (USA), commented: ‘With very high optical density, F-HBP-M film has superior tangible advantages. It is one side highly surface modified and other side metallized on corona treatment providing superior gloss, high tensile strength and advanced gas barrier properties. This film is suitable for extended shelf-life applications, including the replacement of aluminum foil in many flexible packaging configurations.’

Vijay Yadav, business head, FlexFilms (USA), said: ‘Tariff, price increases and availability have brought forward keen interest in market for aluminum foil replacement. F-HBP-M, as a solution for aluminum foil replacement clearly provides great weight reduction due to the density differences. This helps in sustainability efforts and carbon footprint related to aluminum mineral extraction. The state-of-art defect monitoring system installed in-line, equipped with smart high resolution cameras provide real time, 100 percent inspection of the material and accurate detection of defects. With this, the customers are assured of getting consistent high quality films.’

Sargeant added: ‘Converters are able to generate less scrap and have less down-stream customer rejections due to improved film machinability and handling properties when compared to legacy solutions.’

FlexFilms has also developed FlexPet F-HPF a puncture resistant nylon replacement BOPET film, which is a first-of-its-kind biaxially oriented nylon replacement (BON) film made with a newly developed patent pending technology offers thermoforming performance, high puncture resistance and flexural fatigue strength. 


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