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  • 27 May 2021

Foilco digitalizes its portfolio

Foilco has unveiled Chaos Scans Material Library, a project showcasing over 270 foils scanned in true-likeness

UK-based foil specialist Foilco has added over 270 foils scanned in true-likeness to the Chaos Scans Material Library to present a more comprehensive range of options for digital packaging concepts.

Working alongside collaborators Chaos and Where Giants Roam, Foilco has successfully digitized its foil catalog in true likeness. 

‘For the first time, the Chaos Scans technology has allowed Foilco to digitize its foil catalog as useable material files that will allow digital artists to drag and drop decorative foils straight into projects for rendering including mock-ups, CGI, animations and AR/VR applications, creating an instant foil surface or layer with realistic light-reactive appearances,’ commented Jaime Evans, marketing manager at Foilco. 

‘With the support of Where Giants Roam, we have been able to fully realize the potential of bringing these two mediums together and ensure that what you’re looking at on your screen is a true representation of the foil you would see in person,’ added Evans.

When remote working is prevalent, studios and brands can share true likeness imagery, helping avoid the delays and costs of physical mock-ups. In addition, this technology will give graphic designers the freedom to be more experimental and expressive in their foil considerations.

‘When Foilco contacted us, we knew right away this would be a special project. Its materials were extraordinarily complex and scanning them would put our system to the test. In addition, the holographic materials posed a unique challenge that required our team to come up with a new and innovative solution to capture them correctly. Working with Foilco and the visualization team at Where Giants Roam has been a rewarding experience, and we’re excited to include these impressive materials in our Chaos Scans library,’ said Lon Grohs, head of creative and strategy at Chaos.

Rhiannon Porter, managing director at Where Giants Roam, added: ‘We were delighted to collaborate with Foilco and Chaos on this project. The creation of these amazing digital assets provides a fantastic future resource for all visualization firms around the world to ensure photorealism in computer-generated imagery.’

Foilco has further plans for the renders and the raw material scans, including integration of the technology within the next iteration of the company’s sample swatches and other AR possibilities that will help with the specification of foils during the concept and development stages.

More information about the project as well as all foil visuals can now be found on Foilco’s website.


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