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  • 29 Apr 2020

Global Graphics launches Direct series of software

Global Graphics launches Direct series of software enabling sending data directly to the printhead electronics

Global Graphics Software has released a new class of print software for the next generation of faster, wider, high-resolution digital presses enabling sending data directly to the printhead electronics instead of writing to disk.

‘Direct is a new way of looking at things,’ said Eric Worrall, vice president of product management at Global Graphics Software. ‘Rather than expecting print service providers and press manufacturers to make do with a workflow that may have driven a flexo or a litho press which is so often the case, Direct is created from the ground up specifically for the digital world and is compatible with any digital press. We started with the toughest requirements for data and image quality because once you’ve cracked that problem, you can scale back from there for less demanding environments with the appropriate choice of hardware.’

Direct integrates together several technologies from Global Graphics Software. Jobs entering the workflow are streamlined to optimize their processing through the RIP with innovative new software called Streamline Direct. Files are RIPped by Harlequin Direct, using the fastest RIP engine in the world, or screened by the ScreenPro Direct with PrintFlat to achieve the optimal quality at speed. Direct can be tightly integrated with printhead drive electronics and software from Global Graphics subsidiary Meteor Inkjet, or with other common drive electronics from other vendors.

‘When aiming for the highest possible image pipeline speed, it’s important to be able to integrate with tight knowledge and access to each component, to squeeze out every bit of performance,’ added Worrall. ‘You can only do that if you have control and access to all components. Global Graphics Software is uniquely placed in the market as we have access to every line of code for every component; we don’t need to request features and knowledge from any third-party suppliers.’

Direct brings print service providers the benefits of increased processing speeds and enhanced image quality. Productivity is higher, even on complex jobs with large amounts of variable data, because the time to RIP and screen data is significantly reduced.

The new software has been designed to be part of a fully automated print solution, supporting Industry 4.0 telematics and integration with PLCs and MIS systems, where feedback from the print line such as a quality inspection system, can help automatically correct for any issues as they occur.

Harlequin Direct and ScreenPro Direct are cross platform, supporting Windows and Linux and optimized for Intel i9, Xeon and AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. Both can be used with Meteor NozzleFix technology. Harlequin Direct and ScreenPro Direct can also be used with Meteor Mixed Mode to reduce the hardware costs for markets that mix static and variable data (Zoned Variable Data).


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