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  • 05 Jul 2019

GSE upgrades Ink manager software to enhance efficiency

The Colorsat Switch dispensing system suited for label printing applications

GSE has introduced Windows 10-based automation controls on its Colorsat dispensing systems and has enhanced its Ink manager software package with new reporting, scheduling, and machine connectivity features.

To be presented for the first time at Labelexpo Europe 2019, this latest software introductions enable packaging and label converters to manage inks with greater efficiency, security, accuracy and flexibility at all stages in the workflow, including purchasing, mixing, returning and reusing.

Maarten Hummelen, marketing director, GSE, said: ‘The introduction of Windows 10-based controls in combination with the new software version mean GSE Colorsat dispensing systems can connect more easily with other machines and software packages, reducing human input and the risk of error. The enhanced controls feature a more compact design and fewer parts, meaning easier and more efficient maintenance, and come with at least 10 years of security updates. We have also designed a Windows 10 upgrade package so our current Colorsat equipment users can benefit from controls technology.’

The controls’ pneumatics have greater robustness while the same pneumatic valves are common to all dispensers in the Colorsat program. Its design enables improved responsiveness for more accurate dispensing and thus greater color accuracy.

GSE has also added integration and reporting features to its GSE Ink manager software for ink related waste reduction and business planning in the printing house.

‘GSE Ink manager version 5.1 features new reports that provide more information about performance of the ink management system, allowing users to continuously improve their workflows,’ said Hummelen.

The new version can create data about ink stocks when they are booked in after purchasing or returned from the press, containing easily retrievable information such as expiry date, supplier, batch code, amounts used per job, providing greater traceability of inks at every step in the process and more accurate job costings.

There are options for controlling automatic conveyors, blenders and agitators and scheduling ink blending times per formula. It also comes with new grid features like filter rows, search boxes and sum lines.

Additionally, GSE Ink manager offers greater modularity, with more options such as integrated data export, ink returns, order management, traceability and supply chain management, so users may specify the software suited to their business needs.

Hummelen said, ‘The supply chain demands for shorter production runs, traceability and shorter lead times. This implies that packaging and label converters must not only drive out waste from workflows, but accelerate processes, with manual intervention limited to higher-value activities wherever possible. GSE’s software developments are focused on solving these challenges, simplifying processes and providing converters with smarter ways of achieving repeatable quality with more flexibility.’


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