HP Indigo partners with Incapto for sustainable packaging

HP continues to innovate and promote technological products based on one of its main pillars, sustainability, to help its customers and partners develop innovative services and products that respect the environment.
Packaging looks to reduce unnecessary waste created from capsulated coffee

In 2020, Incapto was born with the purpose of revolutionizing the coffee industry with the aim of moving towards a better and more sustainable market, being an alternative to coffee in capsules with the aim of changing the consumption habits of today's consumers. HP Indigo digital printing has become Incapto's strategic partner to produce its flexible packaging and corrugated shipping cases to accelerate their sustainability innovation journey while strengthening their brand equity.

Under the slogan 'good for you, good for the planet', Incapto created an accessible coffee, reducing environmental impact, without generating unnecessary waste such as aluminum capsules, resulting in a cheaper price per coffee. HP is committed to supporting companies that share its fundamental pillar of sustainability, such as Incapto. With HP's digital printing capabilities, Incapto is able to explore new forms of personalization and co-creation of its packaging as a form of communication to reinforce engagement with consumers, making them feel included, thereby driving social impact and amplifying its purpose.
From the outset, it was very important to help Incapto adopt HP Indigo digital printing technology, says the company. The first step of the joint collaboration was the HP Garage Innovation Workshop. Next, with HP's customization options, HP helped to create a packaging that provided diversity for the brand. Then, HP connected Incapto to its network of PSPs to carry out the first production runs and an agreement has since been signed for the company’s flexible packaging to be printed on an HP Indigo 20000 in Spain over the next few months.
IHP Indigo digital printing technology has unmatched colour and ink capabilities, media and application versatility, high coverage printing and the greatest versatility for the highest print quality, making HP the perfect partner to help Incapto achieve its goals.
'HP technology has a clear goal: to innovate and create a more sustainable world where technology is a key enabler to achieve customers’ goals. Incapto is a great example of our goal to collaborate with purposeful companies that help the environment around us and thanks to HP Indigo digital printing, can promote more committed supply chains where packaging is one of the key responsible elements of their products,' said Abel Sanchez-Hermosilla, EMEA brands innovation & sustainability of HP. 'HP believes that Incapto shows a different way of doing things where sustainable commitment and innovation come together to change a market such as coffee.'
'For us it was essential to find the perfect technology partner that shared our values and philosophy of responsible production, so HP, and specifically its HP Indigo digital printing technology, was the perfect partner to complement our sustainable production. The personalisation capabilities offered by this technology is one of the reasons why we are committed to this type of solution, as it helps us to transform consumer consumption habits and add value,' said Rosana Cornejo, CMO of Incapto.
HP Indigo technology key to driving sustainability
HP is continually working to innovate and drive technology that helps create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. HP Indigo digital printing technology works with customers across industries to help them achieve their sustainability goals, reduce waste, support the circular economy and drive greener value chains. Incapto is a clear example of how a business of any size can use HP technology to work towards achieving its sustainable goals.
In this case, the HP Indigo 25k digital press has been used to produce Incapto’s customized and sustainable packaging and will also soon produce the packaging boxes used to transport and display both Incapto coffee and coffee machines.