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  • 17 May 2021

HP launches HP Indigo 6K Secure Press

HP has launched the new HP Indigo 6K Secure label and flexible packaging press, the first HP Indigo machine designed especially for the security printing market

HP has launched the new HP Indigo 6K Secure label and flexible packaging press, the first HP Indigo machine designed especially for the security printing market, featuring multi-security layers printed in one pass in a secure environment.

The new press uses the newly launched HP Indigo Secure platform, which includes hardware, software, media, and inks for security printing and brand protection, based on proprietary HP Indigo LEP technology and industry-leading partner solutions. 

It offers printers the ability to mix and match a wide range of advanced security elements and designs that are easy to print and hard to copy. The capabilities include multi-layered measures of overt and covert elements, with any combination of invisible inks, infrared inks, variable data printing, unique serialized IDs, QR codes, serialized microtext, guilloche patterns, and cloud-connected track and trace. 

‘With the rise in counterfeiting, brands and governments are searching for new ways to help reduce intellectual property violations, losses and keep the general public safe,’ said Ronen Yancu, head of strategy and business management at HP Indigo. ‘The new security printing options enabled by LEP digital technology and our solution partners will help meet these needs in ways that were not possible before.’ 

The HP Indigo 6K Secure Press is a one-pass, end-to-end security printing technology developed in collaboration with Jura JSP, a global brand name in the high-security graphic arts and origination trade. 

‘The HP Indigo and Jura solution opens new doors in the field of security printing,’ commented said Barna Barabas, managing director of product development at Jura JSP. ‘The security features, the workflow, and the whole concept was developed as a unique digital printing solution that prints in one single pass a highly protected product. The variety of substrates, inks, and features covers a wide range of products that can be protected. The authentication of the products is easy on all three levels, public, expert, and forensic.’

The new press has been designed to deliver multi-layered, dynamic, adaptive, mix-and-match security technologies to fight back against counterfeiters and preempt further strikes. 

Some of the more notable features include a Variable Data Printing to deliver multi-personalized security elements and multi-serialization techniques that are used for each printed product, seven HP Indigo ElectroInk color stations, HP Indigo One Shot print mode, offering high accuracy printing with leading digital registration capability at high print speeds, capable of creating accurate microtext, dots, and lines. 

The press is available now for certified security printers.


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