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  • 21 Jan 2009

Intercolor introduces water-based ink system

In response to an increasing number of water-based presses being installed in the narrow web sector, Intercolor, a member of the Zeller & Gmelin group of companies, has developed HydroTek, a water-based ink system that provides ‘excellent’ adhesion to a wide range of substrates and thus offers those printers working with a range of materials the opportunity to reduce their ink inventory and minimise their ink spend. HydroTek is well suited to a wide variety of narrow web applications including self-adhesive labels, in-mold labels, synthetic wrap-around labels, tickets tags and board.

The enhanced adhesion offered by HydroTek results in end use properties such as superior abrasion, scratch and water resistance. This means that, subject to testing, the ink can be also be used for printing materials that are exposed to demanding conditions. 

On the press, HydroTek’s stability means that minimum adjustment is required while printing. This is claimed to lead to a high degree of color consistency, minimum waste, reduced press down time and improved profitability. In addition, as the ink will print at high press speeds, output can be optimized where longer print runs are concerned.

HydroTek delivers high color strength, which results in good ink mileage as well as a number of print quality benefits such as high impact solids, clear legible positive and negative typefaces and minimum dot gain in halftone process areas of the print. 

HydroTek has been developed primarily for the narrow web pressure sensitive label market but is suitable for use on any flexographic press fitted with hot air or Infra Red driers. 

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