Label Traxx names strategic services partners

Partners provide process improvement, offshore software development resources and more

Label Traxx names strategic services partners

Label Traxx names strategic services partners

Label Traxx, a provider of print MIS/ERP for the labels and flexible packaging segment, has entered three strategic partnerships to provide a full range of services to its customer base, and additional resources from Label Traxx partners.

The organizations include: Amend Consulting, First Line Software and Print Innovation.

Amend Consulting is a specialist in manufacturing with a team that has expertise in the labels and packaging industry, and designed for label converters looking to establish or improve standard operating procedures, or don’t have the resources to undertake their digital transformation.

First Line Software is a consulting firm specializing in software development. With decades of experience in print, manufacturing and healthcare, it provides services to label converters that allow them to build on top of existing software, integrate and automate without needing to hire internal software development resources.

Print Innovation has a focus on finance and accounting as a strategic driver to cash flow optimization. Print Innovation evaluates and optimizes print MIS investments via a consultative approach led by industry veterans who understand the unique aspects of print accounting.

In September 2022, Label Traxx announced the initial phase of its strategic expansion with the integration of the Siteline web-to-print platform and the Batched automated scheduling platform into a unified product suite. This created a fully integrated, end-to-end solution designed specifically for the labels and flexible packaging market. Additional strategic partnerships provide the company with access to the next level of adjacent skills delivered by partners with proven success in the industry. 

‘We have been working with these three organizations for some time,’ said Rob Mayerson, Label Traxx President. ‘They have delivered valuable results to our customer base. Leveraging their expertise on an as-needed basis is a more strategic approach to supporting customer growth and automation initiatives.’

Mayerson notes that this is a similar strategy to that employed by ERP solution providers like Microsoft, who assemble a portfolio of strategic partners with specific business process knowledge.

‘These companies not only fit that bill,’ he added, ‘but they also have an intimate knowledge of Label Traxx and deep access into our product development team. They will help us continue to refine our approach so that we can deliver world-class implementations across the entire spectrum of label converter businesses, from the smallest independent label converter to the largest consolidator. Our goal is to have a set of implementation practices that adapt to the customer’s needs across all aspects of their business requirements: time, cost, and depth of resources required.’