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  • 23 Aug 2013

Labelexpo Europe 2013 exhibitor preview: Inks and coatings

Radior is to launch Low Odor Low Migration inks (LOLM) for the food packaging market

Labels & Labeling previews new products and companies in the field of inks and coatings that will be on show at Labelexpo Europe 2013:


Arets Graphics NV, a member of the Toyo Ink Group, launches the Excure 50000-Easyflex UV flexo ink system, which as well as high color strength, fast curing, good gloss, transfer and flow shows good adhesion on substrates including pre-treated PE, BOPP, PP and alu-foils, says Arets. Excure 50000-Easyflex ink is available in two series, for indirect food and also non-food applications.


New ink ranges include series for non-food packaging, a migration-optimized range for sensitive but not direct contact food packaging, and a low migration range for use in food packaging. Colorgen also introduces a program to offer qualified distributors the opportunity to manufacture UV flexo inks in their region.

Dow Corning

Shows recently launched flat release Syl-Off Advantage Series solventless release coatings, Syl-Off emulsion coatings, and Syl-Off brand fluorosilicone release coatings.

Flint Group

Unveils its EkoCure UV LED ink series and Lithocure Ancora low migration UV offset inks for food packaging applications.


Shows newly formulated low migration UV inks and both water-and UV-based varnishes for food packaging. Highlights new UV varnish for digital labels, showing good adhesion and flow on digital inks, and is overprintable.


Introduces two rotary screen ink series, UltraRotaScreen UVSF and UVRS, including opaque whites adapted to combination printing. UVSF opaque white features low migration properties, and is silicone-free. Also responds to the UV LED developments with the Ultrapack LEDC ink series for rotary and flatbed screen printing. Other new technologies include glossy 3D metallic effects achieved through screen printing followed by hot stamping. The company’s UltraJet UV inkjet portfolio has been adapted for industrial print heads.


Unveils products from its new TTR coating line, including new wax/resin K115 and K200 Premium for pharma, laboratory and cosmetic industry, freezer proof labels and similar applications. Also launches the NE230 and NE250 Premium Near Edge series developed for high-speed inline printing and recommended for applications such as BOPP and high and low density polyethylene. The new Z400 Resin is shown.

Pulse Roll Label Products

Launches two new ranges of UV inks, one developed to give optimum adhesion on a wide range of impervious substrates and the other a new ultra high strength series developed to meet the demands of high speed presses using HD plates with very fine screen aniloxes. Pulse also launches its own brand UV flexo bright silver ink. New screen varnishes are formulated to optimize adhesion and abrasion resistance on substrates including antique wine label papers and synthetics. UV rotary screen varnishes have also been specifically developed for braille fonts.


Is set to launch Low Odor Low Migration inks (LOLM) for the food packaging market. The LOLM metallic ink range is suitable for most printing processes and all types of substrates including carton, paper, label paper and synthetics. Also launched are the Suprametal UV mirror effect inks and fluorescent Fluosmart UV ink range, as well as scratch-off inks and release coatings for UV flexo and UV screen.

Ruco Druckfarben

Focuses on a new opaque white, 900UV1437, suitable for combination printing, which can be applied using both UV screen and UV flexo printing. The ink comes in a low viscosity and silicone-free formulation and is highly reactive so curing and adhesion is achieved at high machine speeds on all synthetic and paper substrates, says Ruco. It is also suitable for over-embossing with standard hot embossing films and when fully cured it exhibits resistance to solvents and water.

Squid Inks

Shows a range of UV curable coatings, lamination adhesives and inks.


Launches a new inkjet coating technology claimed to guarantee perfect ink holdout on both papers and PP/PE films. Also adds UL approved polyester films with a UV cured adhesive coating to its range.


Launches ICE toner, allowing Xeikon digital presses for the first time to print heat-sensitive substrates including PE facestock and thermal labels. ICE toner is based on the proven Xeikon QA technology, so retains the same qualities including lightfastness and high white opacity. ICE toner will run on all new and installed Xeikon 3000 Series digital presses, and has undergone extensive field testing. Label converters can evaluate their own PE labels printed on a Xeikon 3000 Series digital press through and pick up the printed results on the Xeikon booth.


Launches a range of products. Uvalux U70 is a new UV offset ink with good adhesion and stable press performance. Optiscreen SR is an updated combination opaque white designed with good flow, adhesion and overprintability characteristics. A full range of non-overprintable base colors will also be ready for the show. Z+G also announces a new range of LED process inks for offset printing, and in its Uvalux range new primers and overprint lacquers.

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