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  • 05 Jul 2021

Lintec Europe launches inkjet printing labelstock

Lintec Europe has launched CY8525, a new, highly durable, water-based inkjet printable labelstock suitable for various industries

Lintec Europe has launched CY8525, a new, highly durable, water-based inkjet printable labelstock suitable for various industries.

Designed in response to the growing demand for multicolor images, Lintec's new CY8525 labelstock has been developed in conjunction with the Epson Colorworks series and also suitable for use with a broad range of water-based inkjet systems. It offers crisp resolution, vivid colors, fine text detail and durability designed to meet the requirements of multiple sectors and applications. 

The material is suitable for short-run premium packaging applications. It can withstand cryogenic freezing down to -196°C, making it well-suited to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and the labeling of vials and tubes that need to be stored at very low temperatures. It provides a new option for finished product identification, branding, and in-process tracking control labeling for manufacturing.

CY8525 features an 85µ matt white print receptive polyester facestock, enabling high-resolution print quality combined with water resistance. It is suited for the creation of four-color variable data labels for improved identification of storage vessels. CY8525 is also coated with PFC high-performance acrylic adhesive, which exhibits initial high tack and adhesion to both high and low energy substrates and is suitable for exposure to liquid nitrogen. 

‘Being able to print in labels in color is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing, chemical and healthcare sectors,’ commented Soichiro Fujinaga, technical manager at Lintec Europe. ‘From brand logos to color-coded identifiers and vivid color images, businesses and brands in all sectors are looking for practical and cost-effective ways to make use of color in label production. Furthermore, besides the color advantage, inkjet printing offers much more flexibility for on-demand and customized label printing - as well as significant waste reduction. 

‘In the past, these advantages have come with significant trade-offs, as the price point for inkjet made it inaccessible for many, and durability was not up to the standard many industries demand. Our new range addresses these concerns head-on, with an accessible price point and extremely high levels of durability and high levels of chemical abrasion resistance.’


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