MPS unveils VirtualCoach real-time operating tool

Platform uses data-driven AI to enhance operator efficiency

MSP VirtualCoach

MSP creates connected press with VirtualCoach, real-time operating tool

MPS, a Dutch-based developer and supplier of printing technologies for labels and flexible packaging has unveiled, VirtualCoach, a real-time operating tool, available on all new MPS presses.

Using AI, the platform constantly monitors and responds to processes, this could be related to register settings, machine speed, pressure settings, job preparation, job memory, web tension, service feedback and many more.

The input from printing press functions is combined with actual operator behavior, which is updated every 5 seconds.

The AI VirtualCoach analyzes and offers solutions and warnings, providing on-the-job training and guidance based on detected operator skills. This allows new and experienced operators to develop skills based with AI guidance.

‘VirtualCoach is an innovative module that brings printing press functionality and efficiency into the world of AI for today’s operators,’ said Kelvin van den Bunt, MPS product manager connectivity.

‘It’s connectivity and performance services unleash the full potential of IoT MPS machines throughout the world and is a powerful tool for owners and operators to maximize press efficiency.

‘In 2022, MPS customers that participated in our connectivity and performance program achieved 35% less waste, 30% lower changeover times, 35% lower setup times, and 15% higher speeds. We are confident that the data-driven AI VirtualCoach will improve that performance year over year.’