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  • 27 Sep 2021

Nedap launches iD Cloud Platform

Nedap has launched iD Cloud Platform, an integrated SaaS platform built to enable inventory visibility across supply chains.

Nedap, one of the global leaders in RFID technologies, has launched Nedap iD Cloud Platform, an integrated SaaS platform built to enable inventory visibility across supply chains.

Nedap iD Cloud allows retailers and brands to create inventory visibility with zero waste and no losses by tracking every item movement throughout the supply chain and collecting data in a cloud-based inventory repository, whether in-store, a distribution center, or through loss prevention efforts.

Made up of four specialized packages, the iD Cloud platform allows users to extend use cases and quickly scale in line with demand and ambitions. The iD Cloud Store digitalizes in-store stock management: iD Cloud Supply Chain focuses on supply chain automation, iD Cloud Loss Prevention enables data-driven loss prevention, and iD Cloud Omnichannel integrates with online order management Systems. 

‘This is where tech, retail and sustainability meet – we’re very excited about the official launch of the wider iD Cloud platform, as we envision that every retailer creates perfect inventory visibility with zero waste and no losses,’ commented Oscar van den Broek, managing director of Nedap Retail. ‘Supply chain visibility is more important than ever. The iD Cloud solution started in-store and we’re proud to now offer retailers a complete end-to-end platform, which has been deployed in more than 10,000 stores across the globe.’

‘As a brand, you must integrate e-commerce and traditional retail to create a seamless shopping experience for today’s hyper-connected consumer,’ said Barry van Wijk, head of retail operations at G-Star Raw, one of the brands, which implemented the iD Cloud Platform during the past six months. ‘We have clearly seen a change in the traditional role of stores. They used to be the go-to spot to try and buy denim, but the actual purchase isn’t necessarily made in stores anymore these days. Stores are transforming into an even more important asset to give shoppers a full omnichannel brand experience as we now also use them as mini distribution centers. This enables our customers to pick up an item they have just purchased online or have it delivered to them within a day.’


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