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  • 28 Aug 2020

PCC introduces six new product categories to the market

Premier Coating and Converters is gearing up for launching six new brands of products to the market.

British labelstock specialist Premier Coating and Converters (PCC) has decided to reclassify its portfolio, creating six distinctive brands to assist customers with easier and more intuitive product categories for ease of selection and ordering.

Premier Coating and Converters have been a supplier of self-adhesive materials for the past 25 years. 

‘Our customers have a need for precision within the market. Although we have offered our products and services within the industry for over twenty-five years, the wants and needs of our customers have changed and evolved, meaning our aims and distribution of materials need to evolve also,’ commented Lee Charles, commercial director at Premier Coating and Converters. 

‘Although our customers have always been pleased with our services over the years, we found that we were often asked what specific products we offer. Our answer was always to “combine any substrate, adhesive and liner to create the perfect label solution”. That’s a broad answer yet, it still applies,’ added Steve White, marketing manager at Premier Coating and Converters. ‘Adding to this, our new product strategy means that customers have the ability to come to us for our new brands with specificity when doing so.

PCC’s technical, commercial and marketing teams have determined which products and properties were suited to each brand name with distinctive, more intuitive naming such as PremLaser with products directly related to laser printing; PremJet for inkjet options, PremFix for various tapes and bonding materials; PremDure for durable constructions for  harsh conditions; PremVis for the most appealing visual products; and PremEco, a range of biodegradable, dissolvable or compostable products. 

‘We are not limited to these products alone. Our mantra stays the same, we now have a more cultured approach to our construction process. We are now able to work with our customers directing them on their development journey more than ever before,’ added White.

An official launch date has been confirmed for the September 7, 2020; however, the company has already started promoting the new product strategy within its client database.

‘We released a teaser to all of our current customers because they have asked for this change, and we’ve listened. It won’t be long until this range is out in the open for our current and prospective clients and we’re extremely excited to share this with them,’ concluded Lee Charles.


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