ProPhotonix launches Cobra Cure FX1 Max

ProPhotonix, a manufacturer of LED systems and laser diode modules, with operations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, has launched the Cobra Cure FX1 Max, a compact, fan-cooled UV LED curing system designed to deliver maximum power density and dose for applications where space is restricted.
ProPhotonix launches Cobra Cure FX1 Max

In developing the Cobra Cure FX1 Max, ProPhotonix has utilized its expertise in optical, mechanical and electronic engineering to design a UV LED Curing system that offers 20 percent increased output (up to 6.4W/cm2 intensity and 7.8J/cm2 maximum dose at 2mm working distance) without compromising on LED lifetime and reliability.

The new UV LED curing lamp has been independently tested to verify its lifetime. Cobra Cure FX1 Max is built with chip-on-board LED technology for maximum intensity and uniformity. It delivers a consistent, stable and reliable cure from a compact, easy-to-install, UV lamp.

Cobra Cure FX1 Max is ideal for UV curing in printing and 3D Printing applications as well as curing of coatings and adhesives.

Ken Reynolds, business and technology manager, ProPhotonix said: ‘The Cobra Cure FX1 Max significantly improves the dose levels available to those requiring a compact, fan-cooled UV LED curing system. ProPhotonix Cobra Cure FX1 Max delivers a powerful solution allowing customers to optimize space requirements and meet their reliability needs. ProPhotonix recognizes the importance of innovation, quality and reliability to our customers and provides patented, UL and CE certified COBRA Cure FX1 products from our ISO- certified facility.’