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  • 02 Jan 2009

Pulse UV flexo silver keeps gloss and pigment stability

Pulse Roll Label Products has launched SFLEX, a UV flexo silver ink formulated to provide pigment stability, long term gloss retention properties, and brilliance while reducing anilox volume.

Gary Seward, managing director, said: ‘Today’s printers are under pressure to supply high, stand-alone graphic impact and metallic ink is one way of achieving this. With SFLEX we have addressed brightness and over-printability issues, as well as the tendency for pigment from silver inks to settle out in the tray. This is an issue that demands constant attention from the press operator.’

Vince Reid, production director of Lincolnshire, UK-based converter Superior Labels, commented: ‘We have printed a label for one of the Tesco Finest range of products with the new silver from Pulse. It was brighter, better curing and demonstrated much improved over-printability with the UV flexo black.’

Seward concluded: ‘SFLEX has been the subject of extensive trials that have proved its pigment stability, gloss retention and reduction in anilox volume, making it an advancement to current technology. It has also passed the climate test demonstrating exceptional long-term stability at higher temperatures. This will enable our customers to both safely store and print with this product in locations with elevated temperatures.’

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