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  • 22 Nov 2006

Returned goods inspection system from CIS

Complete Inspection Systems, Inc. (CIS) has developed a program designed to examine returned goods, searching for counterfeit products that could have been introduced during production, storage or distribution.

AutoProof ProT Stealth, an image comparison program, can be managed on-line, offering real–time product authentification of returned goods that have been coded with microscopic edible markers, as well as 2-D and lenticular codes.

Upon product return, the inspector can log-on to the CIS website to determine where the micro-marker is located on the product in question. The user then captures a digital image of the product, loads custom image analysis software and completes the product authentification process. 

Unlike holograms or other codes which have no point of reference to authenticity, the micro-markers and barcodes can be compared to an actual authentic product online.

These advanced micro-markers combined with the AutoProof ProT Stealth inspection system are the latest in technology to make food and drugs more secure.