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  • 29 Jun 2020

Teklynx partners with Printronix Auto ID for barcode verification

Teklynx partners with Printronix Auto ID for barcode verification

Teklynx International has partnered with Printronix Auto ID, a TSC-owned company to create what’s claimed to be the industry's first off-the-shelf end-to-end barcode verification labeling technology with full audit capabilities from design to validated print results.

The result of a strategic partnership is an integration of Teklynx Codesoft label designer with Label Archive security and traceability software and Printronix Auto ID ODV-2D printer that tracks labeling from design through printing. Every barcode label that is printed is scanned, verified, graded, and recorded in the Label Archive database.

‘We’re excited about this unique integration because it directly supports Teklynx’ efforts to help companies around the world barcode better,’ said Travis Wayne, product manager at Teklynx International. ‘We’ve designed a unique end-to-end technology that makes it simple for manufacturers to access one system to identify what was designed, approved and printed. This first-to-market integration promotes the efficiency of in-process validation and data retention for audit requirements and print process analysis.’

The new technology provides manufacturers with empirical proof, from end-to-end, of the labeling process, making the it particularly important for medical device manufacturers, manufacturers that ship products to third party packers or distributors, regulated industries, and any industry with a need to grade barcodes.

‘We’re excited to work with Teklynx to deliver this compelling technology for closed-loop barcode label printing,’ stated Andy Edwards, director of product management at Printronix Auto ID. ‘Our ODV2D system’s ability to grade labels and overstrike those with bad barcodes, combined with Label Archive’s full traceability of label design, delivers a truly unique closed-loop solution that has never been seen before in label the printing landscape, adding next-level efficiency to the labeling process.’


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