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  • 25 Jun 2020

Tilia Labs launches AI-driven technology for HP Indigo presses

Tilia Labs launches AI-driven technology for HP Indigo presses

Tilia Labs, a specialist in planning and imposition technologies for the graphic arts industry, has released its Artificial Intelligence driven software technology to boost productivity for HP Indigo digital printing.

The company’s flagship software tilia Phoenix is a planning and imposition package that uses AI technology to reduce cost and optimize production in all print segments including labels and packaging. Its AI-generated layouts eliminate the need for template-based imposition, instead dynamically adapting to manufacturing requirements and constraints – an innovation that earned tilia Phoenix a 2019 InterTech Award.

For the HP Indigo user community within labels and flexible packaging segment, tilia Phoenix offers narrow-web label frame and lane optimization and automation with tilia Aries for quick and easy, drag and drop layout creation.

‘With tilia Phoenix, HP Indigo users benefit from cost-optimized layouts and dynamic imposing on-the-fly. For the first time, print providers can accurately determine the breaking point between conventional and digital printing, maximize press time and materials, and instantaneously reimpose jobs as changes in the production environment dictate,’ said Sagen de Jonge, CEO of Tilia Labs.

tilia Phoenix can integrate with any workflow or MIS system to enrich job estimation, reduce time in planning, maximize press time, and reduce postpress complexity. Tilia Labs adds HP supported JDF output to streamline job submission to the HP digital front end.

‘We are very excited to establish this powerful relationship with Tilia Labs, offering HP Indigo digital press owners innovation, efficiency and confidence for production challenges, including sophisticated ganging, device profiling and specialized imposition requirements.  For print service providers these values translate to bottom line production cost savings and better utilization of their printing equipment,’ said Patrick Canfield, R&D program manager, strategic accounts, at HP Indigo.


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