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  • 19 Aug 2020

Toshiba Tec unveils ScanSure barcode verification tool

Toshiba Tec has launched ScanSure, a flexible verification-based validation technology

Toshiba Tec has launched ScanSure, a flexible verification-based validation technology for aimed at manufacturing companies, enabling checks of printed barcodes to ensure the readability and accuracy.

The new ScanSure technology incorporates DataLogic intelligent 2D scanner and has been developed for use with the Toshiba Tec B-EX range of 4 and 6-in industrial printers.

It offers two operating modes. In fast mode, it uses checks based on ISO 15416 and ISO 15415 to ensure that the barcode on a printed label is accurate and perfectly readable to the specified ANSI grade. If it detects an issue, it provides an immediate alert. In void mode, it additionally automatically rewinds the label roll, scores out the defective label, and re-prints a replacement if needed.

Focus and exposure setting are carried out using an automatic setup feature. The operator’s input is limited to the use the Code Auto Learn to teach the scanner what it is looking for and define the passing grade. Once ScanSure has been configured, the operator can access a live image of the labels as they are printed. The system stores multiple setups, which can be recalled via its web interface.

‘ScanSure has been specifically developed to meet customer requirements for a reliable label validation solution that’s convenient and intuitive in operation,’ explained Deyon Antoine, product manager at Toshiba Tec. ‘By combining our printing know-how and software capabilities with DataLogic’s scanner technology, we have been able to bring to market a fast and dependable solution that can save food producers, and other users in the manufacturing sector, a lot of money and time.’


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