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  • 01 Apr 2020

Tresu launches L10i Aqua/UV and L30i Combi G3

Tresu launches L10i Aqua/UV and L30i Combi G3 coating circulators offering new level of control and connectivity

Tresu has launched L10i Aqua/UV and L30i Combi G3, a range of third-generation coating circulators enabling sheet-fed and web offset printers to save resources at high-speed coating, with full control and no the risk of micro-foaming and blisters.

Offset coating applications will now benefit from high-quality coating with an increased product lifetime and a more efficient use of resources with less waste - increasing overall equipment effectiveness.

‘The new L10i Aqua/UV and L30i Combi G3 open new opportunities for controlling coating operations and are a proof of our dedication to deliver benchmark solutions to the offset industry,’ said Henrik Kristensen, vice president of Tresu Ancillary. ‘It really pushes the boundaries for automation, level control and connectivity, but still features our proven pressure technology eliminating air and micro foaming. 

‘In short, with the new L10i Aqua/UV and L30i Combi G3 as a central part controlling your UV or water-based coating application you can now save resources and still deliver uniform high-speed coatings with creative, exciting effects – tactile as well as visually exciting – including coatings with micro-encapsulated scents.’

The built-in intelligence of the new equipment features a range of control opportunities with automation and auto adjustments of, as well as recommendations and warnings for, coating pressure, tray level sensors, flow sensors, connected supply and waste level sensors as well as anilox temperature measurements.

Comprehensive data logging for Industry 4.0 operations and insights into statistics, hardware diagnostics and maintenance recommendations are now possible, either hardwired to a PLC or by IP communication (OPC-UA or socket connection).

The new HMI increases productivity both in the start-up, but also operating the coating application thanks to the new graphical user interface with intuitive universal icons, signals and colors. 

In case future features are needed and modes of operations change, new opportunities and a swift answer to seasonal shifts in brand owners design and volume of demand can be installed in the configurable software or implemented in the modular hardware of the new platform.

The L10i Aqua/UV and L30i Combi G3 are designed for both aqueous and UV coatings running in separate circuits and can be operated as a stand-alone product or integrated inline into an existing print setup.


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