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  • 14 Jul 2021

Ulmex introduces Evolux anilox cleaner

Ulmex has launched Evolux, an eco-friendly concept for laser cleaning of anilox rollers, designed to be integrated into the printing process

German equipment manufacturer Ulmex has launched Evolux, an eco-friendly concept for laser cleaning of anilox rollers, designed to be integrated into the printing process.

According to Ulmex, Evolux is one of the first integrated cleaning and inspection technologies capable of cleaning the entire anilox system efficiently, using automated predictive maintenance software that enhances print quality while reducing costs and providing substantial benefits.  

Evolux addresses key environmental sustainability requirements. It avoids chemical solvents, detergents, bicarbonate, or other pollutants; this is particularly important for printers operating in the food packaging sector adopting green practices and using sustainable technology and materials. 

At the heart of the Evolux technology is the exclusive pulsed-fiber laser source which calibrates the power, frequency, and characteristics of the pulse to enable customized cleaning programs. Once initiated using the built-in 21in touch screen monitor, the cleaning process is entirely automated, featuring the autofocus laser beam, which cleans each cell with uniform intensity and energy. It can eliminate more stubborn residues like paint, adhesives, and silicone, whether solvent, water or UV-based.

The Evolux system also features a 3D microscope, which intensifies the cleaning process and examines the volume, depth, and geometry of individual anilox cells, providing vital information when checking their lifecycle. All the collected data is handled by the proprietary Dynamic Anilox Management (DAM) software designed and programmed by Ulmex. It can process all data about a company’s anilox rollers, calculating in advance when the system will reach saturation. 

Evolux is available in five models of differing power, speed, and dimensions that can meet the needs of various types of users, from small printers to large converters. The range also includes the Evolux Smart system for mobile cleaning in specially equipped vehicles which Ulmex uses to provide cleaning services at customer premises. 

‘This new laser cleaning concept has had great success from the very first product demonstrations as well as in the first installations all over Europe. All printers that have already integrated Evolux into their production process are appreciating tangible and measurable results,’ said the company in a statement. ‘They particularly value the effective restoration of the entire available volume of anilox cells after the cleaning process, which, within certain limits defined by the machine’s software, results in improved print quality that lasts over time, without having to undertake costly restoration work earlier than needed.’


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