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  • 11 Dec 2019

Virtual Graphics unveils chemical-free thermal labels

Virtual Graphics unveils chemical-free thermal labels

US-based film manufacturer, Virtual Graphics, has announced a new chemical-free direct thermal label technology RevealPrint that is also environmentally friendly and compatible with any barcode software and thermal printers.

RevealPrint labels are produced using passive ingredients that are readily available from sources in the US, eliminating any concern over supply chain disruption. The new technology is human health friendly and easily recycled.

Traditional direct thermal labels are produced using leuco dye and a developer such as BPA/BPS, which were banned in Europe and Japan because of its potential negative impact on human health.

Moreover, because of the potential human health hazard with the chemicals, traditional direct thermal receipts and labels are not recommended to be recycled as the chemicals may find their way into the water supply and can contaminate recycled paper products downstream.

‘In addition to being safe and sustainable, RevealPrint also allows customers to print color on-demand, without using ink or ribbons,’ said John Guzzo, CEO and founder of Virtual Graphics. ‘Our customers can increase productivity and lower costs by using color on the labels to differentiate information in warehousing, food rotation, event ticketing, mark down labels and other applications.’


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