Amcor and Avon launch recycle-ready AmPrima Plus pouch in China

The new packaging offers reduction in carbon footprint, water and energy consumption.

Amcor has partnered with Avon to launch AmPrima Plus, a refill pouch for the Little Black Dress classic shower gels in China. The company claims the new recycle-ready packaging will result in an 83 percent reduction in carbon footprint, and 88 percent and 79 percent reduction in water consumption and renewable energy respectively when it's recycled.

In alignment with Avon’s ambition to use 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging material for its products by 2030, Amcor’s research and development teams partnered with Avon to design and develop its first refill pouch with recycle-ready material.

The AmPrima refill pouch is designed to provide a more sustainable packaging alternative that also delivers the barrier properties, stiffness, graphics performance and run speeds matching unrecyclable alternatives, while also providing convenience to consumers.

‘Amcor’s AmPrima product range offers packaging options to help major brands, like Avon, reach their sustainability goals,’ said Roawin Luo, global director of product management at Amcor. ‘We are proud to deliver a recycle-ready solution that elevates the functionality and consumer appeal of such an iconic brand as Avon.’

Avon has recently accelerated its sustainability goals to also use 50 percent recycled content by 2030 for all plastic used (in weight) and help enable collection schemes in key markets.

Abby Deng, marketing head of Avon China, commented: ‘Our collaboration with Amcor, a global leader in packaging, is truly transformative. By integrating a refill format with a recycle-ready film material, we've innovated a fresh refill pack for our iconic Avon Little Black Dress shower gels.

‘This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability and innovation, allowing consumers to enjoy our high-quality products while contributing to a more environmentally friendly future. We look forward to bringing this exciting new product to the Chinese market and beyond, further strengthening Avon's position as a leader in sustainable beauty and personal care.’

The 350ml refill pack for Avon’s Little Black Dress classic shower gel is now available in China. Both companies are working on the Shimmer Shower gel anticipated to launch later this year, as well as a number of other planned recycle-ready packaging.