Avery Dennison launches plastic-free AD pure RFID inlays and tags

Avery Dennison has today announced its new AD pure range, a portfolio of inlays and tags which are entirely PET plastic-free.
The AD pure line launches with AD belt U9 pure, inlays and tags which are ideally suited for global apparel, retail, industry and supply-chain applications. They are compact in size and offer excellent performance on difficult-to-tag or low-detuning materials such as cardboard and plastic. Through innovative antenna manufacturing, the AD pure range has a 70-90% lower carbon footprint compared to inlays and tags using traditional etched antennas (based on third party life cycle analysis, type III EPD - ISO 14020).

Removing plastic can reduce the weight of a label format by up to 44%, meaning less raw materials and waste. Extensive third party testing based on the PTS-RH 021:97/2012 method shows that AD Pure inlays and tags are recyclable within the paper and cardboard items.   
Mathieu De Backer, Vice President Innovation & Sustainability, Avery Dennison Smartrac, says: “The new AD pure product line is an important step towards our goal to further reduce plastic across our fiber-based inlays. The advanced manufacturing process ensures that not only are fewer materials used to make the range, but any excess can be recycled so that very little goes to waste. We believe the AD pure range will be the right solution for upgrading RFID tags across multiple segments and applications, helping our customers on their sustainability and decarbonization journey. Our innovative inlay technology gives companies the assurance that the production of RFID matches their ambitions to become more sustainable. We are excited to accelerate the launch of more AD pure inlays in the coming weeks.”
Avery Dennison has also launched its AD pure 95 line of inlays and tags, which are 95% PET plastic-free. They consist of PET plastic-free aluminum antennas similar to those featured in AD pure products, with just a tiny amount of plastic used in the memory chip attachment. The new range is aimed at businesses that recognize the value and importance of reducing their environmental impact across all segments and applications, in particular apparel, manufacturing, retail, beauty, logistics and food.