Bobst partners with and invests in Packitoo

This partnership aligns with Bobst's vision of a digital and connected future for the packaging industry.

Thomas Othax, CEO of Packitoo

Thomas Othax, CEO of Packitoo

Bobst has partnered with Packitoo, a French company developing digital products for the packaging industry, including Hipe, a web-based sales tool automating quotations, managing packaging projects, and supporting web-to-pack e-shops for printers and converters.

This partnership aligns with Bobst's strategy to digitalize and connect the entire packaging value chain, from brand owners to converters and equipment suppliers. It will allow Bobst to provide printers and converters with a tailored product, streamlining their sales cycles, reducing costs and boosting revenues.

Packitoo will benefit from Bobst's global presence, expertise and network, enabling it to reach new markets and customers.

Hipe is a new software developed for converters seeking more customization, smaller orders and quicker delivery. It offers a personalized digital sales process, allowing converters to quote jobs rapidly and accurately to clients, considering all cost factors, like machine types used.

At the same time, converters can connect to pre-press applications from software providers such as Esko to bring value to printers well integrated among various web platforms. Hipe also allows to deploy a web-to-pack website with instant and automated quotations, generating more orders with minimal effort.

‘This is a strategic move that reinforces our vision of a digital future for the packaging industry, where data and software play a key role in enhancing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Packitoo's software is a perfect fit for our industry vision, brings a new way of collaboration, and provides a valuable solution for our customers to automate and optimize their sales processes. We look forward to working together with Packitoo's talented team to further develop and scale their software and offer it to our global customer base,’ said Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of Bobst.

‘We are thrilled to join forces with Bobst, a world leader in the packaging industry and a trusted partner for converters,’ said Thomas Othax, CEO of Packitoo. ‘This partnership and investment are a great opportunity for us to leverage Bobst's resources, knowledge, and network to grow our business and reach new markets. We share Bobst's vision of a digital transformation of the packaging industry, where software and data are key drivers of innovation and value creation. We are confident that our software will bring significant benefits to printers and converters, and the packaging industry as a whole.’