Cerm chooses Hybrid Software as premium integration partner

Software developer for the industrial labeling and packaging sector Cerm, has announced Hybrid Software as its premium integration partner making a step forward and adding ‘extra punch’ to its high-end and automated pre-press workflow portfolio.

According to the company, pre-press workflow is often the ideal starting point for automation. Subsequent stages can smoothly integrate printing presses and finishing machines into an established automated workflow. This step-by-step integration process ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Cerm has invested significantly in its partner integrations with leading pre-press software suppliers for the label and packaging printing industry.

‘At Cerm, we believe in connecting all elements of your business and creating a seamless integration of your complete workflow, from CRM to invoicing. An integrated workflow improves your productivity and from this conviction, we suggest automating as much of your workflow as possible,’ said the company.

Awarding Hybrid Software with the Cerm Premium Integration Partnership is not just a quality assurance and sign of their proven excellence. It also further empowers its automated partner technologies for pre-press workflows for Cerm customers and prospects.

The integration between Cerm and Hybrid Software's CloudFlow is designed to automate the entire process from product creation in the Cerm MIS to the approval of the soft proof by the print buyer. CloudFlow’s Proofscope module for soft proofing and collaboration is integrated in the Web4Labels Cerm application for a smart approval workflow.

The Cerm-Hybrid Cloudflow integration operates on bidirectional JDF-JMF data exchange. Utilizing product properties from the Cerm MIS system, JDF instructions are sent to Hybrid Cloudflow, initiating an automated pre-press job.

This process includes bidirectional synchronization of artwork status and the exchange of product color details, which become part of the product description in the Cerm MIS. Finally, the soft proof PDF generated by Cloudflow, is sent to the print buyer for approval. Upon approval, the pre-press workflow for the product is complete, ready for production upon customer order.

‘This partnership and the integration between Cerm and Hybrid Software combines expertise and technology,’ said the company in a statement. ‘It sets new standards in the label and packaging print industry, emphasizing our commitment to innovation and excellence.’