For decades, the most popular and widely-used method of decoration for glass and cans has been the use of wet glue paper labels
Michael Brice, vice president, sales and business development, INX INternational Ink Co and Keith Goldstein, chief operating officer, VerifyMe on Covert technologies: Inks
The techniques and processes used for adding decorative finishes, special effects and functionality to labels
Figure 3.6 - A typical hand-held price gun labeler
There is a wide range of economical manual or electric dispensing and hand-held labeling devices on the market
Labels are assuming new functional formats, as retailers and manufacturers respond to demands for more information to appear on the product
Getting the most out of your finishing equipment
Accurately dispense and apply individual pressure-sensitive labels to a wide variety of product shapes and sizes
Holograms provide a powerful visual appeal and prestige to products
Michael Welch, senior product manager, durables (North America), Avery Dennison on Overt technologies: Tamper-evident materials
Exploring common product handling devices and controls used with automated label applicators in a wide range of end-use applications