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ALritma X is the new ALTECH model of labeling head, where X  highlights its exceptional performances.   

The entry version of the new ALritma X is equipped with an enlarged 400 mm diameter unwind unit and an oversized rewinder unit for the silicon paper, to extend the working time between label changeovers. It can reach label feeding speed of up to 40 m/min and is available for label widths of 100 and 200 mm. The ALritma X can be fitted with an HP (High Performance) kit which includes a motorized rewinder unit for the silicon paper and an innovative “push-pull” label web drive system. In this configuration the unit can reach 90 m/min at a cruising rate of 900 labels/min., with high positioning accuracy even during speed variations.

ALritma X in Detail


  • Non-stop configurations

NIn extreme cases where the label reels are exhausted quickly or where it is not possible or desirable to stop the line, it’s possible to link two ALritma X labeling heads in series with a special non-stop control device that swaps between the heads in a master-slave type arrangement without missing a label on the fly.