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Flexo Wash is a leading cleaning technology company based in Denmark. We specialize in flexographic and converter cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning liquids. The mission of Flexo Wash is successfully developing innovative and high-quality cleaning equipment to satisfy needs of Flexo and gravure printers worldwide, contributing to an improved print quality, high productivity and a healthy environment.


In 1989 Danish label printer Henning Kongstad together with his son build the first Flexo Wash unit from an old dishwasher. He as many other printers faced the challenge with manual cleaning which prolonged the downtime but still did not ensure the best print quality.

His aim was to come up with a solution that eliminated manual cleaning and downtime while improving the print quality and ensuring a better working environment for his employees.

And Henning knew that he was not alone with this problem – so if this washing unit could improve his label printing business why not produce more and sell it to his colleagues in the printing industry? So, he did with great success.


With more than 25 years of developing high-quality cleaning technology, Flexo Wash is now an experienced business covering all types of cleaning machines of handmade innovative designs and non-solvent cleaning liquid that can be re-circulated in the Flexo Wash units – all to meet our customers needs for effective sustainable cleaning solutions.

Today Flexo Wash is more than just a worldwide leading cleaning technology company. It’s about people, family and visions. Is about not being afraid of shooting for the stars.

Flexo Wash is made by people who does not comprise with quality, working conditions and sustainability to deliver leading cleaning technology.