Meech industrial solutions address six principal areas - static elimination, web cleaners, compressed air equipment, air knife systems, ionized air cleaning systems and compressed air dryers & air amplifiers. Each product area is supported by a team of trained and experienced technical staff. Please click on the relevant links to view product details or contact us if you need further information:

Static Control

Static electricity control and protection for both industrial and cleanroom areas, to provide Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrostatic Attraction (ESA) control, protection and elimination.

Air Technology

Compressed air systems and industrial energy saving air technology devices with significant noise reduction for energy efficient cooling, conveying and drying.

Web Cleaning

Web cleaning systems with integrated anti static controls for continuous webs of plastic or paper, delivering increased quality and productivity.

JetStream Air Knife System

Powerful air-knife systems, providing the ultimate solution for cost effective product cleaning, swarf removal, industrial drying and cooling.

SpeedDri™ System

A compressed air in-booth drying system for reducing the drying time on any waterborne paint job.


Ionised Air Cleaning and waterless rinsing system for sustainable rinsing performance.

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