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The EB flexo press features the well-known solid MPS machine construction with self-evident predictable and reliable print quality, high productivity and user-friendly press operation. 

Available with a print width of 360 mm, a material width of 368 mm, and a configuration of up to 10 print stations, the EB press brings a modular design and is an ideal solution for the printing and converting of self-adhesive labels in both short and long label print runs. 

The EB press features Crisp.Dot Light technology. Thanks to this specially designed EB technology, there is no gear connection between the impression cylinder and print cylinder. As a result, substrate thickness and print cylinder pressure settings are not affected by gear profiles. Crisp. Dot Light guarantees predictable high-quality label printing, including the printing of vignettes and solids. 

iSet Technology provides a user-friendly way to regulate settings between impression, print and the anilox rollers, without influencing each other. With iSet Technology, not only the left and right pressure settings of the plate cylinder/anilox roller can be set, but also the parallel pressure settings. iSet decreases setup waste and delivers reliable and repeatable quality.   

iStop optimizes stops and starts during flexo printing and eliminates waste with material roll change. When the press is stopped, the print cylinder and anilox roller will remain in print position. Once the operator changes rolls and re-starts the press, the print units resumes printing immediately, without any web waste.




Material width:

270 mm (14,5 inch)

Printing width: 

360 mm (14 inch)

Repeat size:

6-18 inch

Mechanical machine speed:

165 m/min (540 ft/min)



Standard with:

Crisp.Dot light, iSet- intelligent pressure control, iStop, Servo drive & control, full length rail system, Pre-register, Quick change tooling, Quick change die station, iStrip matrix rewinding, 


iControl, Short web




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