Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH

  • Flexible packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Labels


Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH is specialized in developing and manufacturing high-performance end seals and doctor blades for label printing and other flexo and offset printing applications.

Both end seals and doctor blades play a vital role when it comes to optimizing the efficiency of the printing deck and the printing process as a whole. Having R&D and a powerful production plus a customer-oriented sales team under one roof, Agergaard offers highly functional solutions that are tailored to the respective printing environment and support printers in achieving more output, less machine downtime and operational cost savings.

Product solutions specially developed for label printing purposes are for example our high-precision doctor blades with an anti-spit lamella that helps printers to overcome UV ink spitting issues. Our end seal portfolio covers a broad range of different material types including technical foam, impregnated felt or rubber sealing solutions. One of our latest developments is the coatSEAL Flexi 2.5D end seal, which features an optimized contact zone with the anilox roller, resulting in better sealing results and extended end seal lifetime.

Printing companies, distributors and printing press manufacturers from more than 70 countries around the globe trust in Agergaard consumables and expertise.